Container Shelters are a popular storage solution for outdoor equipment that can’t fit into shipping containers. Not only are they easy to install and highly durable, but they are specifically made for Australian wind ratings. Container Shelters feature a waterproof, UV Stabilised 250GSM Polyethylene fabric cover – which has a low flammability index – and […]

When you have decided on the perfect container for your needs, you need to have a location in mind for delivery. Once the site for delivery has been established and levelled if needed, the Container Trader team will help you to assess the most suitable and cost-effective mode of transport for your site. The most […]

Container signage is fast becoming the preferred large format advertising for so many – it’s durable, movable, and large enough to make the biggest impact for your brand. Able to withstand Australia’s harshest weather, using a shipping container for publicity also means you won’t overcapitalize on advertising. Being able to promote in unusual places, and […]

An important part of getting a shipping container is proper care – and this includes levelling the ground underneath it, before it arrives. If the container will be sitting on soil, any moisture trapped underneath it can rise into the subfloor, creating mould – which means your container won’t last as long as it should. […]

Mining Exploration covers all facets of the mining industry from actual exploration through to mining, processing and transport. As the demands for mineral resources, energy and water continue, companies are increasingly looking for an environmentally friendly solution to transporting specialised equipment that needs to be mobile and often secured. High value geological and mining equipment […]

As far as architecture with green building materials goes, the Quadrum Ski & Yoga Resort in upper Gudauri, Georgia has created the perfect boutique space with minimal environmental impact. Their entire resort has been built with reused shipping containers; stacking them on the Caucasus mountainside on stilts to enhance and not overpower the landscape.   […]

Converting shipping containers into temporary or permanent housing have become an extremely popular trend among the eco-friendly and minimalist groups. Shipping container houses are strong, convenient and economically friendly housing options and they are just more than creative and unique housing solutions. As natural disasters effect the world, more people are searching for effective ways […]

Australia has a growing housing problem. Over the last three decades, homes in Australia have become significantly less affordable. Home ownership without debt is becoming more and more elusive for many Australians. However, an emerging trend may be shifting the housing market. The tiny house movement, spread from Britain to the United States, has been […]