Whether you need storage for personal use or business use, a shipping container can be your own saviour during the Christmas period. Known for being the busiest time of the year, sales go up and therefore we have a collection of either (a) personal Christmas items around – most likely taking up space after December, […]

Another great easy shipping container conversion is a container bathroom block, or ablution unit. Wether you need to create a temporary deluxe bathroom for a high end client, or a set of economical toilets or showers for low cost housing, a shipping container is an ideal shell to be able to house all your bathroom […]

Have you heard about lockboxes? Or know what they do? When you purchase or hire a shipping container, chances are, you have done so to protect or keep items or equipment as safe as possible during transport or storage, right? This is the case with almost all container users – and rightly so. A shipping […]

One of the most interesting container modifications is the addition of a butcher door within the side of a refrigerated shipping container. Coming in a variety of sizes, a butcher door can be of a range of types, from elevated sliding doors to PVC Strip curtains or air curtains. Often arriving with other accessories as well, […]

The ultimate shipping container – in size and accessibility is without a doubt, the 40’ Side Opening Container. Forty feet in length, it comes in both the standard general purpose and high cube height – with this one being an impressive 9’6” in total. Made to accomodate all odd shaped parts, the added bonus of […]

Not sure on what kinds of containers you need to buy to modify into accomodation? Or what about how to layout these containers? While your best bet will be a draftsman or designer/architect to help you, you can always investigate the different layouts first to have an idea on what will suit you in the […]

When you’ve finally done the research to realise you need a shipping container in your life – for whatever reason, whether it be storage, transporting goods, or a modified area; you then need to decide if you want to buy a new one trip container, or a used, older container. NEW ONE TRIP CONTAINERS One […]

When you need a portable, structurally sound base for a shop or stand at an event, the first thing you should consider is a shipping container! The basic setup of the strong container structure means it can be open to any kind of modification, and perfect to suit any event. Not only this – but […]

When you’re short on funds, and need a canteen for say, a school, or sporting field, did you know you can always use a shipping container? As we’ve mentioned plenty of times before, a shipping container lends itself early to many applications, and this is definitely one of them – with gusto! A canteen, for […]

When you have to store or transport a dangerous, explosive, toxic and otherwise unfriendly gas, liquid, solid or chemicals, what do you do? Take up Container Traders Dangerous Goods containers of course! Conveniently available in 10’ and 20’ sizes, the 20’ containers also come with the option of a side opening door, so you can […]