There are so many amazing things you can do with paint, including the interior and/or exterior transformation of a shipping container! Paint can turn you container into anything you can think of, from a storage container to container office or workshop to a teenagers retreat.  Some may think of the painting of container walls as […]

Have you ever heard of a Pallet Wide Shipping Container? Well the name kind of says it all – this is a specialised container that can easily fit two pallets side by side, unlike a regular sized container, which is just marginally too small to do so. And while it is only 5cm that the […]

Not something often thought about when purchasing or hiring a shipping container is the floor – and what your options are in regards to changing it. OR do you even have to change it? As with all types of modification, it is really a matter of personal preference if you wish to change the floor […]

Dangerous goods, considered to be any item that is hazardous, or flammable within Australian Standard AS1940, still need to be shipped around between worksites – but how? Enter the Dangerous Goods Shipping Container! Made from traditionally sized shipping containers, usually 10ft or 20ft in length and either general purpose or high cube heights, a Dangerous […]

A shipping container’s versatility and ability to be modified means it can look right at home on any work site, in a stylish setting or even your own backyard. It’s because of this, and also the ease with which you can deliver, transport and remove a container that makes it perfect for a site office. And […]

If you need a shipping container for work, on a site or at home, chances are you may need a kitchenette included. A kitchenette can easily transform a container into a functional space – however the trick is compacting the kitchen itself to be functional without taking up too much area  inside. Not only will […]

Shipping containers go by many names – sea containers, freight container, intermodal or cargo containers or even just steel boxes; but they only come in two standard heights – general purpose and high cube. A general purpose container stands externally at 2.592m – or 8 ft 5 in. With a high cube – you get […]

We often talk about the many advantages of modifying a shipping container – for all the different aspects of residential and commercial use, however often the thought of the interior for actual use is only lightly touched on. Why is it important to modify the interior of your container to suit its use? Many work, […]

When permanent structures built traditionally aren’t an option for either functionality or financial reasons, what do you do? Order a Rural Container Shed from the Container Traders of course! A Rural Container Shed is a hybrid shelter storage space with a flexible design that enables you to have an outside mount with a large space […]

If you have a teenager, one thing is for certain. You, or they, need their own space at various intervals during the teenage years. Some houses don’t necessarily have the layout to help with this problem, and with the expense of traditional building costs, a teenage retreat is a pipe dream for many parents – […]