When designing, launching, and running a small business, entrepreneurs often require a certain set of capabilities and conditions in order to see and exploit a business vision or inspiration. These conditions, or capabilities can, and often will, change from person to person, depending on outside factors like personality, financial or real estate markets and laws […]

The world has begun an obsession with shipping containers as modified pieces of accommodation – and this has gradually extended out to include shipping container hotels. From small boutique rooms only made of one shipping container, to massive hotel structures, shipping container hotels are becoming more mainstream as property developers realise that using shipping containers […]

As large format advertising, shipping containers are the one of the easiest and greatest ways to promote and publicize your business. They immediately catch the eye (especially with a well-designed campaign), and can be placed in different areas that spark more interest. But there are some modifications and ads that have catapulted the business into […]

It’s a concept that pops up a lot lately – downsizing your life. With the busy lives of today’s society, decluttering and simplifying seemed near impossible, however it is now becoming increasingly popular – and achievable – thanks to the internet and social media. But why do it? The rise of minimalism and blogging together […]

The typical Australian farm has a few features – abundance of open plains, homestead, livestock, or crops for example, however an element that keeps appearing is the shipping container. Because of its versatility, the humble shipping container has turned out to be the perfect solution to many issues like storage, transport, and sales. Shipping container […]

One of the main benefits of storage in a shipping container is the layouts available, and the flexibility to change these layouts however you feel, depending on your equipment or needs. For example, if you a storing general household items for a move etc, you wouldn’t necessarily need any shelving as the items would be […]

There are almost an infinite number of ways to use shipping containers, a lot of these concerning transport, storage, and construction. However, there are increasingly imaginative and unique uses for shipping containers coming up in the world, thanks to the creative community. Because shipping containers are so versatile, those needing artistic spaces have turned to […]

Security is one of the main issues surrounding choice of container when it’s primary purpose will be storage. Because of the shipping containers’ main construction, of CorTen steel panels and cross members, their purposeful design to carry extremely heavy loads, stack on top of each other, and resist the harshest environments like tornadoes and hurricanes; […]

Have you purchased a shipping container for storage that’s no longer needed? Or do you have a container sitting empty, but don’t want to let go of your investment? Along with the usual benefits of a shipping container, like being portable, flexible, watertight, and low maintenance; shipping containers are so easily transformed into new ideas […]

CONSOLIDATION Moving is the best time to sort through your personal items and possessions and get rid of unwanted or unused things. And the best reason for this – the less you have to pack and move, the more you can save, in time and money! The best rule of thumb with downsizing is – […]