Shipping Container Shelters & Dome Shelters

Container Shelter

If you regularly store equipment, machinery, vehicles or materials on your site, a shipping container shelter is a perfect option for you. What’s more, they’re made using components that can be easily disassembled so if you need to move your shelter, you can do so with ease.

Australian made, 10 year Warranty

Australian made with a 10 year Warranty & a 1-2 week lead time, our container shelters are the only way to go.

Guaranteed 2 week lead-time

Compact and easy to ship, Express Shelters have a guaranteed 2 week delivery time across Australia and most can be installed in one day.


Can be mounted on the inside or outside of the containers to suit the width of your space and storage requirements.


Express Shelters come in kit form with layout plans, parts lists and step-by-step assembly instructions so they are straightforward to install.

Durable & Relocatable

Engineered to be permanent, designed to be relocatable. Meets strict Australian quality standards equipped for up to region C.

Versatile & Expandable

Sizes range from 6-17m wide and mount to standard 20ft or 40ft Shipping Containers. For extra length you could join two shelters.

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Container Shelter & Dome Shelter Sizes

There is a large variety of widths and lengths available in both the domestic and commercial Container Trader Shelter range. They start from 6m wide and can go up to 17m wide, with an assortment of lengths and heights in between. Container Shelters are engineered to handle heavy winds and the rough Australian terrain. The shelters are constructed with a robust steel frame, that has the capability to be bolted or welded to the top rails of a shipping container. They are manufactured in polyethylene fabric which is waterproof, and they are manufactured with a protective fabric from the sun also known as UV Block-out Fabric. The materials used to create your Shelter are also completely recyclable which is beneficial for your site, and the environment.



Our Container Shelters Sizes


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Use accessories to modify the Container Shelter to better suit your site specifications and shelter requirements

Container Traders offer accessories to modify the Container Shelter to better suit your site specifications and shelter requirements. You can add a partial end wall to the shelter, or a full end wall for extra coverage.

If you are required to create a higher dimension from the floor height to the roof of the Container Shelter, we can suggest buying additional shipping containers which can be double stacked on the site which will give you 5.2m high from the ground up. This also means, you are able to utilize the additional storage space inside the shipping containers.

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Container Shelter ADVANTAGES

  • Simple, low cost construction/installation
  • Durable, corrosion resistant and wind-proof manufacturing
  • Options for different foundations, suited to your site specifics
  • Minimal noise when compared to steel sheds, quieter workspace
  • Various size options to suit your requirements
  • Fully relocatable, easy to dismantle and move if required
  • Efficient weather protection for your materials & equipment
  • Cost effective protection of your vehicles or materials
  • Custom manufacturing available for site specific needs
  • Saves energy – plenty of natural light with no power required
  • Complete coverage from sun, with natural light and low radiant heating
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How to Buy Container Shelter

If you have questions, require a quotation or are unsure of the direction you might need to take for your projects coverage, you can contact our team on 1300 89 89 70 to discuss your requirements with the industries best traders. We will do our best to guide you in the right direction of your needs, and assist with any queries you may have. We understand that each requirement for a shelter is different to the next and you might need a site specific quotation that isn’t of a standard size Shelter that Container Traders offer.

We are happy to discuss this with you, and we may have a few queries we need answered before we finalize your quotation… so if you do have a non-standardized size you need a quote on, please be patient with us and we will always endeavor to have a quote to you the same day of your enquiry.

However, if the quote request is for a 6m wide, 8m wide, 10m wide, 12, wide or 14m wide Shipping Container Shelter to go on a 6m or 12m set of Shipping Containers – our team have a quotation for you ready to go, just give us a call!

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Container Shelters FAQs

All you need to know about Shelters

How is a shipping container shelter made?

Shipping container shelters are traditionally constructed using two (or more) traditional shipping containers that are used to anchor a larger, dome-like shelter. The upper shelter is fastened to the roof of the containers and, depending on which size you’ve selected, can be simply bolted on or welded to the top rail securely.

What can I use a shipping container shelter for?

Shipping container shelters can be used for just about anything. Providing impressive protection from the elements, they’re great for storing industrial materials, machinery and vehicles while continuing to provide efficient and easy access. They can also be used residentially and commercially for general storage, events, covered recreational/workspace or vehicle parking areas.

How long does it take to set up a shipping container shelter?

Constructing your Container Shelter is a process we have simplified for our clients to ensure the fastest and easiest installation takes place on your site. Depending on the level of help you have, shipping container shelters can be set up in less than a day.

Is a shipping container shelter permanent?

Shipping container shelters are completely relocatable. Particularly when bolted rather than welded, the shelters can be easily removed and relocated to new locations as desired. Leave them in place for as long as required or relocate when needed – it’s totally up to you.

Can I build the shipping container shelter myself?

Container Traders can arrange your shelter installation through subcontracted companies, however, if you have access to handymen who have a day to spare you can construct the container yourself. Our shelters are supplied with an instruction manual and most people will find it easy enough to erect the shelter without extra subcontractor fees.

Can I get accessories for the shelter?

The good news is that Container Traders offer a range of useful accessories that perfectly complement your container shelter. Whether you want partial or full side walls, access doors, shelving for easy storage, custom paint or electrical fit-out including wiring and light – we’ve got you covered.

How tall is a shipping container shelter?

The brilliant thing about shipping container shelters is their flexibility. If you require extra height all you need to do is stack the anchor containers until you reach your desired dimensions.

What sizes are available for shipping container shelters?

Shipping container shelters come in a variety of size combinations, so whatever you plan to use your shelter for, there’s a perfectly sized option available. If your site is smaller, opt for a 6m or 10m option and if you need a little more room, choose a 10m or 12m variety.