Shipping Container Modifications, Custom Conversions & Fitouts

Shipping Container Modifications & Custom Made Containers

Container Traders offers a number of container modifications to both new and used shipping containers. We can modify a shipping container to suit your individual needs.

See below for a list of shipping container modifications we offer

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Shipping Container Homes

accommodation container

Using shipping containers as livable accommodation is an affordable alternative to traditional home building options. Shipping containers are being converted or used for offices, granny flats, family homes, sound proof rooms, barns, retail space, garages, pool houses, and even apartment buildings.  There are a range of configurations and customisations available so that each shipping container can be built to suit you and your uses


container kitchenette

You can quickly create a functional kitchenette that can save space in you home or business.  A kitchenette is created by installing certain fixtures such as sinks and countertops into a container. Connecting plumbing and laying down flooring can upgrade the space into a kitchen. They can be mobile which is especially useful for businesses such as building contractors so that there is no need to build a new one at each building site.


container bathroom

By connecting the container to plumbing and installing sinks, toilets & showers, you’ll have a watertight bathroom wherever you need it.  You can choose to install certain features and you can connect a shipping container to plumbing & electrical sources you can instantly create a usable space or expand existing space. This is a great option for low cost housing or businesses that travel a lot such as building contractors.


canteen container

Canteen containers are canteens made out of shipping containers that are used for selling inexpensive food and are a common feature on campuses, camps, events and worksites. They are a great alternative solution to a traditional building because you can order them and have them delivered in a short span of time. They are also durable, reliable and the self pack option allows them to be easily portable to the location of your choice.


switchroom container

A switch room or control room is the electrical heart of a worksite, and the electrical equipment, technology, and sensitive controls it holds are vital to successfully running a business.  Switch room containers can be custom built for the on-site testing of electrical equipment and it provides a temperature controlled environment for electrical equipment that needs to be monitored.  These containers are a great option for a job site.


container workshop

Workshops are a necessity in many scenarios; such as your home where you need additional space for your hobby or home business. For many businesses a prime requirement is space in which one can work comfortably. Building a workshop is expensive though. A more affordable option is the customisation of a shipping container and having all the necessary features installed to carry out your tasks.


insulated interior

The atmosphere inside any home or office determines the comfort of the space and how well you function. Temperature inside a container is very much dependant on the surrounding climate. For dynamic use of your container you need to tend to its insulation. Insulating the space maintains a consistent temperature.



flooring types

Adding floor coverings to your container can transform the container’s look and feel.  There is a wide range of options to choose from to update a bland space into a vibrant and functional area.  Floor coverings determine how well you use your container in years to come. You need to choose a floor which fits with all your requirements and we have coverings to suit different uses and situations.