Shipping Container Sale – Newcastle

If you are shipping from or storing in beautiful Newcastle you need the best shipping container seller in the area, Container Traders, on your side! Container Traders sells high quality, durable, affordable shipping containers in Newcastle and its surrounding areas. We have shipping containers for residential or personal use, such as moving or home renovations. We also offer shipping and storage container for business and commercial use, like file storage or office expansion. And we provide shipping containers for industrial use, such as domestic shipping or construction site offices. We provide many different sizes and varieties of shipping container to meet every need. While each of our products is different, they are all guaranteed to be high quality, safe, well made, strong and delivered with our signature customer service!

Why would you need a shipping container in Newcastle? Shipping containers are versatile and can be used in many different situations! If you want to create extra space in your home, you can use a shipping container to store extra items or good. If you are moving or going on an extended trip, you may want to use a shipping container to hold you items while you are in transition. If you are hosting a festival or large-scale event off-site, you could use shipping containers to ship and store materials and items. Perhaps your company needs to ship large items to other offices or worksites around the country, then you will need a secure shipping container to ensure your items get to their destination safely and intact! Shipping containers are handy and useful in every situation. There are so many reasons to purchase a shipping container from Container Traders.

Container Traders provides a wide variety of shipping containers for those living and working in Newcastle. We are proud to offer exceptionally crafted containers quickly, efficiently and with our one of a kind customer service. We take away the stress of moving and shipping by providing you the best solution for your shipping needs!

We have three different sized shipping container to accommodate the many varying sizes and needs of shipping. Our 10 foot containers are extraordinarily popular for personal use. These containers are the smallest of our options and are excellent when you need to store items but cannot afford to take up too much space. The 10-foot container will squeeze into tight spaces in garages, in driveways or in parking lots. They are perfect for short term moves, light loads and are quick solutions when you need to store or ship something right away. The 10 foot containers come in two different height sizes. You can choose between 8’6” and 9’6”, depending on what you need stored. Both heights are still easy to move and store.

If your shipping or storage needs will not fit into the 10-foot container, we recommend our 20 foot containers. These slightly large containers are great for bigger loads but not necessarily entire households or workloads. They are the perfect in-between option for tons of space to store items but can still be easily moved and stored in small spaces without hassle. We recommend our 20 foot containers for office moves, long-term moves, trips or small industrial needs. Like our 10 foot options, the 20 foot containers come in two different height sizes: 8’6” and 9’6”, giving you a variety to get the perfect fit for your shipping needs.

Our 40 foot containers are the largest of our shipping container options. They are the strongest, most spacious shipping containers for large items, long-term storage or shipping huge quantities of items. These large containers are popular for industrial shipping needs, bulky items and construction sites. While they are spacious and large, the 40 foot containers are still versatile and stackable, which can make shipping easier. For the biggest storage or transport challenges in Newcastle, we recommend our strong 40 foot containers for you!

There are many items that require special needs when it comes to shipping and storage. That’s why we offer a variety of specialty containers to fit every shipping and storage need. We ensure that each of our different shipping and storage options have top of line security features, the latest technology, the strongest steel and quality hinges and finishes. While each has unique features, they all are of the highest quality available in Australia. The shipping and storage experts at Container Traders will be able to advise you on the best type of shipping container for your unique needs. Here is an overview of what we can offer you.

General Purpose Containers

General purpose containers are what people generally think of when they imagine shipping containers. They are widely used around the world and have many different benefits to them. General purpose containers can be used for personal items, office-related items or shipping industrial or large items. They are extremely versatile. Container Traders provides 10 foot, 20 foot and 40-foot general purpose containers made of strong steel, with the latest security locks and reinforced hinges to ensure your items are safe and secure, no matter the weather, the condition of the journey or how long they are stored. Each Container Traders general purpose containers has a standard double door to make loading and unloading your shipping container extremely easy to do. We provide fast delivery and can help you set up and place your shipping container so it’s easily accessible. Our containers are built too last so you can use them for years and in many different ways!

Refrigerated Containers

Container Traders is proud to offer the most technologically advanced refrigerated containers to Newcastle. When you are shipping or storing food, plants, vegetation or special items that need to stay at a specific temperature, you need a refrigerated container. These innovative containers allow you to keep your items cool and fresh, no matter how far you have to ship them or how long they need to stay in the container. It is ideal for outdoor events, such as weddings or festivals or if you have a long-term worksite that needs temperature controlled food and beverages. Container Traders assures the highest of quality and we personally check each of our refrigerated containers to ensure they are working properly and will keep your items cool and in the best condition possible! You will not need to worry about weather or losing freshness when you use our incredible refrigerated containers.

Open Top Containers

It can be frustrating to handle large cargo, big items or super-sized industrial materials. They usually will not fit in a normal general purpose container which is why we provide open top containers for oversized items. Open top containers are ideal for when you need to load items in using a crane or when there is overflow. Using hinged tops and strong tarpaulin, your items are secure and will not move or fall out but there is plenty of space to fit your bulky items and transport them whoever they need to go. Open top containers are best for transporting items like steel bars, long cables, logs, mining materials, pipes and other large items. Many of our open top containers also feature top loading and door loading capabilities for easy load in! Shipping in bulk has never been so easy or safe! We provide the most durable and easy to navigate open top containers in all of Newcastle!

Flat Rack Containers

You may need a more flexible option than open top containers. Some items are simply too large or awkwardly shaped to fit in open top containers which is why the shipping industry created flat rack containers. Flat rack shipping containers have a flat bed with either fixed end, collapsible ends or no ends at all and were created to efficiently transport the most oversized and difficult to manoeuvre goods. Many flat rack containers ship boats, construction materials, extra-large sheets or woods, car, vehicles and industrial materials. Flat racks have lots of storage space but they also are convenient and can be stacked, which could save your company money in shipping costs. Container Traders offers different varieties of flat rack containers and can help you determine the best option for whatever you are shipping.

Dangerous Goods Containers

It is essential that you have the safest and most technologically advanced shipping container for when you are shipping dangerous goods. That is why Container Traders provides highest quality, newest and safest dangerous goods containers. You will not have to worry about the safety of your team when they are working with or transporting dangerous goods when you use our dangerous goods containers. Built to code and safety checked, our dangerous goods containers are the top of the line. We use our expertise in shipping and hazardous goods regulations to make sure that our dangerous containers are the safest on the markets so you, your team and the public is safe!

Container Traders provides a wide variety of high quality shipping containers in Newcastle at an excellent price. Get started with us today!