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Shipping container modified with disabled access toilet / ablution facilities and shower from Container Traders
Ablution modification toilet stall in a shipping container from Container Traders

Container Ablutions Blocks - Worksite Toilets, Showers & Bathrooms


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Don't take our word for it:

5-star review

4.8 stars

from over 418 reviews

More than

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Transportable Ablution / Toilet / Shower Blocks For Sale

A benefit of using a container to create ablution block facilities is that it's a quick and economical solution with the added benefit of being transportable toliet wherever it is needed. Shipping Container Toliet Blocks are ideal on building site or mine camp where you need to move to a different location when a project is finished as you won’t have unnecessary expenses and time delays to rebuild at each new location. More options for shipping container conversions

A cost-effective and affordable option at just a fraction of the price of traditional alternatives

Built to specification or off the plan designs available

Portable solution for long-term use across different sites

Ability to add all the common inclusions expected in an ablution facility

Urinal in a shipping container ablusion block

Bathrooms Modifications

Common toliet block inclusions

From our experience in modifying shipping containers for use as ablution block facilities, we have found several common items that are often included for clients.

WC in an container
Add a Toilets

The basic necessity for any ablution block, inclusion of a toilet is normally a key requirement.

Add Showers

Keeping fresh with a shower facility can be super helpful, especially on mine and work sites.

Add Electrics

Needed for powering lighting and electrical accessories.

Add Hot & Cold Water

While water flow is essential for toilet and shower use, the inclusion of a hot water system can add extra comfort.

Benefits of an ablution facility made from a modified Shipping Container

Whether placed static on a single site, or transported - a shipping container toilet and shower block is an economical investment.

  • Simple, low cost construction/installation
  • Various size options and configurations to suit your requirements
  • Custom manufacturing available for site specific needs

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Ablution Blocks

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Container Modifications Price Guide Cover - learn more about Container Traders modification capabilities.

Shipping Container Modifications

Container Traders offers a number of container modifications to both new and used shipping containers. We can modify a shipping container to suit your individual needs.

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Need a customised Shipping Container solution?

Container Traders would love to help! If you need some inspiration or ideas, browse through the below case studies then give us a call!

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Creating an ablution block container

Using a new build single trip 20 foot general purpose shipping container

This functional container will provide bathroom facilities for workers on site.


  • 20’ General Purpose New Build Single Trip Shipping Container
  • Electric and lighting
  • Large hot water system and basins
  • Plumbing for water/waste water
  • Toilets and shower stalls
  • Insulation
  • Coved vinyl flooring

This container is ready for service with a few simple connections once on site.


Creating a sportsfield toilet and shower block

Using a 40 foot High Cube Shipping Container

Anyone living on an Island will tell you it has it's perks, but it can be tough getting any development works done. 

Container Traders was engaged to develop a solution for providing toiletry and shower services to the local sporting grounds on King Island. Built on mainland Australia then shipped to the island, this 40' high cube shipping container ablution block ticked all the boxes.


  • 40 foot high cube new build single trip shipping container
  • Toilets
  • Showers
  • Hot water and changing facilities
  • Cold water and handwashing basins
  • Mirrors, fold-down changing tables and more!

Not only will this unit be ready to go with minimal set up once on the island, but it has the added benefit of being transportable for future application.

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Modifications FAQs

  • What is an ablution block?

    An ablution block is a transportable toilet and shower block, with urinals, toilets cubicles, showers, changing facilities, and sometimes with bench seating. More and more shipping containers are being converted into toilet and shower blocks especially on worksites for their durability.

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  • How much does container ablution block cost?

    Shipping Container Ablution blocks costs depend on how many toilets, showers and sinks you have added. There is also the transportation costs which will chnage depending on final location. However, when compared to other Ablution products, the price is similar...but a Shipping Containers tend to last longer in harsh conditions and being moved a lot. Making their lifetime value much more cost effective.

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