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Container Condition and Shipping Container Grades

Container Traders brand has been built on transparency. The below detail explains Container Traders Shipping Container grades & provides real examples.

Single Trip - New Build: Shipping Containers are manufactured in China. Single Trip Containers are commonly referred to as New Builds as they’re resold in the newest condition available on the Australian domestic market. Single Trip Shipping Containers inevitably suffer minor bumps and bruises on its maiden voyage and in most cases will have some minor scratches or scuff marks and small dents present These containers are the most suitable when modifying, where the container will be located in high exposure locations or when you want the ultimate peace of mind around the container’s longevity.

Cargo Worthy: Cargo Worthy containers are in used condition and will generally be approximately 15 years of age, will be wind and watertight, vermin proof, structurally sound and lockable. Cargo Worthy shipping containers are functional, though not aesthetically pleasing due to the rigors of sea life and the wear and tear of depot/ port handling. Cargo Worthy containers will show surface rust, dents and in most instances welded patch repair. Cargo Worthy Containers are suitable to be recertified for rail and sea. For examples of common blemishes please browse the below images.

Painted / Refurbished Cargo Worthy: Although dents and floor imperfections will remain, refurbishing and repainting a used container will prolong the life & allow you select a colour most suitable to containers destination.

Due to the nature of shipping, no two Cargo Worthy Container are the same. All Cargo Worthy Containers will have imperfections as illustrated in examples below. Surface rust, significant dents, patch repairs, scratched paint, miscoloured paint repairs, floor discolouration, gauges and scratches are common imperfections as a result of heavy use. Top and bottom rails may have dents, as well as the door bars and surrounds however not to the degree that it will affect the operation of the container doors.

Single trip shipping container imperfections most commonly include minor dents, surface rust and scratches (most commonly on the corner post). In some instances, containers may have minor floor marks suffered in the loading and unloading of the cargo from its solo voyage.

Single trip shipping container imperfections most commonly include some surface rust and scratches, particularly on corner posts, minor dents and scrapes including to top or bottom rails, instances of minor floor staining and marks. In some instances, there may be impact to door bars, however it will be to a degree that does not affect operation.

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