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20ft High Cube Shipping Containers For Hire


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We have several depots in Australia to ensure quick delivery.


Our Australian facilities ensure you get quality local support.


Competitive rental prices charged monthly.

Large capacity for most applications

20 foot high cube shipping containers provide access to goods through container doors situated in the rear profile of the container. With an extra foot of heigh compared to general purpose, taller objects are handled easily. Available for short or long term hire, a 20ft high cube shipping container is most commonly hired container. More options for Shipping Container Hire

Containers that are solid, clean and waterproof.

You can hire containers in various sizes and capacities.

Perfect for static storage for home or business.

We deliver and pickup across Australia.

Shipping Containers for Hire

Container Traders has shipping containers available for hire across Australia, ready for quick delivery.

When you hire a shipping container, you will be required to pay for the freight costs of the delivery and the collection of the container. That is why it is important that you find a shipping container for hire that is near you. Our network of hire containers means there is a good chance we will have a container near you.

Get in touch with us and we will find the best priced shipping solution for your container hire.

How much does it cost to hire a Shipping Container?

20ft High Cube Shipping Container POA

20ft High Cube Shipping Container Dimensions

External Dimensions for 20ft High Cube Shipping Container
External Length External Width External Height
20 ft 6058 mm 2438 mm 2891 mm
Internal Dimensions for 20ft High Cube Shipping Container
Internal Length Internal Width Internal Height
5890 mm 2350 mm 2695 mm
Weight of 20ft High Cube Shipping Container
Approx. Empty Weight Mass Gross Weight Max Payload
2350 30,480 28130
Cubic Volume of 20ft High Cube Shipping Container
Cubic Meters
Door Measurements for 20ft High Cube Shipping Container
2330 mm
Storage Size for 20ft High Cube Shipping Container
Up to 3 bedroom home (about 4 rooms)

What can I do with a 20ft High Cube Shipping Container that I can hire?

Storage of Personal Effects

A 20ft High Cube shipping container is perfect for storing any sort of dry goods that need to be kept dry and out of the elements.

• Furniture
• Clothing
• Toys
• Electronics
• Tools
• and more

Hired containers can be very handy for temporary storage of items while renovations are being completed or until a permanent solution is ready. The flexibility of hiring with Container Traders means that if you need the container for an extra month, that isn't a problem.

Business Storage

Getting extra storage capacity for your business can be time consuming and expensive. Hiring a 20ft High Cube Shipping Container is an economical and smart choice.

• Excess inventory
• Plant or machinery storage
• Office storage during renovation
• Overflow storage for peak periods

Whatever the case, it can be handled through a hired shipping container. Temporary secure storage doesn't come easier, with quick delivery to site and quick removal once you no longer need it.

School, Community and Sporting Groups

We have numerous school, sporting and community groups that hire a shipping container from us. Typically, these customers use the containers for:

• Sport equipment storage
• Clubhouse event furniture storage
• Stalls, tables and chair storage
• Overflow storage for miscellaneous storage

When a secure and dry space is needed, a hired 40ft High Cube Shipping Container can get the job done.

Self Pack Removals

As part of our self pack removal service, a 20ft High Cube Shipping Container can be hired on short term for relocation.

• Container delivered for you to pack in your own time
• We collect the container and take it to the new destination
• You unpack the container in your own time
• We collect and remove the empty container
• Have the container for as little or as long as you like

When you're looking for an economical way to move your goods and still be able to take your time loading and unloading, then a self pack container hire is right for you.


Events need a lot of storage, and a 20ft High Cube Shipping Container can help.

• Stock
• Equipment
• Marquees and tents
• Weather and vermin proof
• Quick delivery and collection
• Easy solution for short term storage

We've serviced many events with hired shipping containers and can advise you on the right solutions for your needs.

Considerations when Hiring a 20ft High Cube Shipping Container

When looking to hire a shipping container you will need to consider what you are going to use the container for and how long you will need it. Hired shipping containers are good for temporary static storage of goods, often used as extra storage space during renovations or to house temporary excess inventory. 

If you are looking to have a container for an extended period of time, you may want to consider getting a quote on the purchase of the container for comparison.

If modifications are desired, you will need to look at purchasing a container. Hired containers must be returned in the same condition as they were received, accounting for reasonable wear and tear.

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  • Flexibility in length of hire
  • Various sizes available to suit spaces on site

Upfront costs of hiring a shipping container

When hiring a shipping container you will be required to cover some upfront costs. This includes the delivery and collection freight of the container and the first month's rental fee. A credit card will be required for ongoing billing of monthly fees. 

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  • Delivery freight cost
  • Pick up freight cost
  • First month's rental fee
  • Credit card is required for future monthly rental fees

Hiring can be a convenient option for short term needs

Hiring a container can be a no fuss solution for quick and economical storage. Sometimes extra storage space is only needed temporarily and one of the benefits of a shipping container hire is that it can be removed from site quickly when it is no longer needed.

With a smaller upfront cost some people prefer to hire a shipping container for a period of time to ensure they are getting their intended use from them before commiting to a larger purchase. This can be particularly true for more expensive specialised containers life refrigerated containers where many businesses opt for hiring over a purchase. 

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  • Low cost storage
  • Provides flexibility for short term use
  • Quick and easy removal once finished using

Hiring vs. Buying - 20ft High Cube Shipping Containers

If you’re considering using a 20ft High Cube Shipping Container for storage of your goods, you’ll no doubt come to the roadblock – buy or hire? Hiring provides most of the same benefits as purchase, without the upfront financial commitment. However, if you're looking to use the container for a considerable amount of time, it could be more economical in the long run to purchase a container. If you're looking to regularly transport or modify a the container, then hiring is not the right choice for you. Similarly, if you need a highly specialised container that doesn’t exist in our hire fleet, purchasing your container is more suitable.

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  • Hiring is lower upfront costs
  • Hiring is suitable if no modifications are needed
  • Hiring is suitable for static storage
  • Specialist equipment may only be available for buying

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