New Shipping Containers for Sale

Buy a New (One Trip) Shipping Container – Best Price, Fast Delivery

These containers have only done a single trip into Australia from the varies factories in Asia, and as newly manufactured Shipping Containers, they come with numerous benefits. They present like they did when leaving the factories, they have that new paint smell when you crack the doors, and can be railed or shipped anywhere in the world for 5 years from manufacture, without requiring re surveyor!

Benefits of Buying New Shipping Containers from Container Traders:

  • Brand New Containers
  • One Trip to Australia
  • Great Tax Depreciation
  • A Massive Range of Colours and Options
  • Comes with a Free Lockbox
  • We Offer Fast Delivery Australia-Wide

One Trip Shipping Containers

If you are chasing a container that presents immaculately on your site, will bring high exposure to your brand or site, or you just would like to lock your equipment and go away for years with peace of mind. A new shipping container is a great choice. See the containers below to provide a better understanding of the variations we can supply.