Shipping Container Shelters 8x12m

shipping container shelter

Shipping Container Shelter 8 x 12 m

More and more Australians are relying on shipping container shelters to accommodate their various storage needs because they are sturdy, reliable and inexpensive. A shipping container shelter is a structure that is composed of two shipping containers placed parallel to each other with a domed roof structure that is either bolted or welded to the top of the containers. They come in several different sizes and you can order one and have it delivered in less than a month. Shipping container shelters are also called dome container shelters and they are constructed from 100% recyclable materials.


  • Polyethylene Fabric Tops protect from sun, wind and rain
  • UV-treated, waterproof material
  • Cool in summers, warm in winters
  • Galvanized steel frame snaps on to mount
  • Noise absorbent
  • Easy to assemble, disassemble, move, and reassemble
  • Self Pack Removal
  • Fire-resistant treatment
  • Rust-proof detailing

8 x 12 m Shipping Container Shelter Uses

The strength of shipping container shelter makes it a great permanent addition to any property because no foundation is required and you only need a flat surface to place it on. It is also an excellent temporary structure because it can easily be assembled, dismantled, transported and reassembled. The following are popular uses for the 8 x 12 m shipping container shelters;

  • Vehicle Storage and Maintenance
  • Traditional Shed
  • Bulk Goods Storage
  • Large Offices, Greenhouses, Art Studio, Enclosed Swimming Area
  • Event Spaces – bars, picnic areas, assembly ares,  game rooms etc.
  • Walkways and Covered Buffer Zone Spaces
  • Storage of Machinery and Equipment
  • Washing and Servicing Bays
  • Barns
  • Medical Camps

Modifications and Accessories

  • Full End Walls – To completely close off the shelter
  • Half End Walls – Also used to partition the shelter
  • Zip Up End Wall – For easy access to your storage
  • Shelving – Add shelving inside of your shipping container shelter to optimise storage
  • Painting – You can paint your shipping container shelter anyway that you want so that it adds appeal to your property
  • Electrical Fit out – The shelter lets in plenty of natural light but you can also wire it with different lighting if you require electrical lighting

Why Choose Container Traders?

Container Traders offers you the choice of customizing your 8 x 12 m container shelter in many different ways, ranging from different heights and lengths to different coverings and additional modifications. We provide affordable solutions for both commercial and domestic uses, and therefore if you would like an instant quote, fill in the ‘Instant Quote’ form provided above, or give our friendly team a call at 1300 89 89 70. Container Traders is your best bet!