Shipping Container Shelters 6x6m

shipping container Shelter

Shipping Container Shelters 6x6m

A shipping container shelter is two shipping containers placed parallel to each other with a domed roof with a steel frame that has been bolted or welded to the containers. The space can be open on either end or there are different options available to partially close or completely close the structure in. The dome container shelters are modified for different regions of Australia so that they can withstand the sunlight, wind, and other harsh Australian weather. You only require a flat piece of land to place them on.

6×6 Shipping Container Shelter Uses

Shipping container shelters are extremely versatile, sturdy, made of galvanized steel, and they are built to last twenty five years under the extreme conditions at sea. Not only are they are weather resistant, but they can be used for many different things, whether it is for commercial or domestic use. The following are popular uses for our 6×6 Shipping Container Shelters.

  • Heavy Duty Equipment Storage
  • Bulk Goods Storage
  • Vehicle Storage & Maintenance
  • Personal Storage Shed
  • Protective Play Area
  • Workshop/ Office Space

Modifications & Accessories

Here at Container Traders, we also provide you with the option to add specific modifications to your shipping container shelter.  These include;

  • Full End Walls – To completely close off the shelter
  • Half End Walls – Also used to partition the shelter
  • Zip Up End Wall – For easy access to your storage, and protection from dust, wind, and rain.
  • Shelving – Add shelving inside of your shipping container shelter to optimise storage
  • Painting – You can paint your shipping container shelter anyway that you want so that it adds appeal to your property
  • Electrical Fit out – The shelter lets in plenty of natural light but you can also wire it with different lighting if you require electrical lighting

Self Pack Removal Shipping Container Shelters

For ease of portability you can also use the self pack removal option that allows them to be easily disassembled, transported and reassembled. The shipping containers don’t need a foundation underneath them as they are strong enough to stand on their own. If you don’t like where you initially placed it you can just move it to somewhere else on your property. If you are moving house you can move it to your new property as well.

Why Choose Container Traders?

Container Traders offers you the choice of customizing your 6×6 container shelter in many different ways, ranging from different heights and lengths to different coverings and additional modifications. We provide affordable solutions for both commercial and domestic uses, and therefore if you would like an instant quote, fill in the ‘Instant Quote’ form provided above, or give our friendly team a call at 1300 89 89 70. Container Traders is your best bet!