Confined Space Training Shipping Container

Confined Space Training Containers for Sale

In high risk industries, like mining and emergency services, industry standards call for extensive amounts of training prior to and throughout an individual’s career. This aims to ensure staff are capable at safely and efficiently completing the tasks their job may demand. Particularly beneficial for roles where certain actions must be completed in confined spaces, businesses can benefit greatly from durable and cost-effective training facilities to ensure their employees are continually able to complete essential tasks. With a shipping container, you can design a confined training space that can be used to assist your team in carrying out necessary and essential workplace training. The confined space training containers from Container Traders are available Australia-wide, so get in touch with our friendly team today and find out how you can reap the benefits of specialised training amenities.

Types and Specifications

Confined space training containers are available in a generic design, or can be custom-tailored to specific industry needs. Generally, the training spaces are constructed using 20ft or 40ft containers, but 10ft options are available if you only require a small space. Key features of the confined space containers include jet black interiors (to mimic low visibility conditions), multiple internal walls and access points (to simulate super tight entries and work spaces), roof mounted structures (to allow for abseiling exercises to be completed on the container exterior), and air vents (to eject smoke if it is used to simulate emergency-service scenarios). The best thing is that all of our containers are constructed from the highest quality materials and our modifications are guaranteed to last, meaning no matter how rough or harsh your training simulations are, you can rest easy knowing your container will stay strong and secure through it all.

The Benefits of Confined Space Training Containers

Confined space training containers have a number of benefits that make them well-worth the investment. Firstly, they’re totally flexible in terms of design. If you have specific skill-sets that need to be developed, or perhaps niche scenarios that need to be recreated for practice, the containers can be custom-made to tailor exactly to your needs. This means you’ll be able to hone in on the exact skills you want to develop and increase productivity in general. Furthermore, shipping containers are designed to be extremely strong and robust – and they handle some of the toughest weather conditions with ease. Whatever scenario you are trying to simulate for training purposes, rest assured a shipping container will handle the pressure. Whether it is smoke, heavy rain or high wind, a shipping container is the perfect choice. For this reason, shipping container modification for confined space training is far more cost effective than traditional construction methods. With the pressure of, often damaging, training programs, traditional constructions may begin to show weakness – avoid this entirely with a durable shipping container.