Shipping Container Homes

Shipping Containers Home, Granny Flats & more

Using shipping containers as a livable accommodation option has really taken hold across there world. A shipping container home is an affordable alternative to traditional building options.

Shipping containers are being converted or used for the following:

Container Offices, shipping container granny flat, family homes or extensions, sound proof rooms, container sheds & barns, retail space, garages, pool houses, and even apartment buildings.

They are sturdy, eco-friendly, they can be moved easily and they last a long time. There are many different kinds of modifications and accessories available and you can customize the accommodation container to fit your individual needs.


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Reliability and Affordability Alternative Home

You can purchase a brand new accommodation container or a used one. The containers are made out of galvanized steel and they are built to withstand the extreme conditions and corrosion at sea. They have a lifespan of at least twenty five years and should last even longer with normal weather conditions. It is cheaper than buying a traditional home in a city and you can have it in a much shorter amount of time than building a brand new house. It takes approximately three to six weeks to have one built, delivered, and set up where you want it.

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Customising / Modifications to a Shipping Containers to be a home

The sky is the limit when it comes to shipping container modifications. If you are looking for a new home or an addition to your home like an office, soundproof room, or a retail space than it is the perfect option for you. Containers come in specific measurements but you can join them together, stack them on top of each other, add windows, staircases, substitute walls for glass, remove walls, have traditional doors, rollup doors or anything else that you can dream of to suit your needs.

Shipping containers come with many different features and they can be used for many different uses. You can buy new or used containers in 10 foot 20 foot and 40 foot measurements and easily modify them to suit your needs. They are the ideal solution for storing excess material items, creating a new work space or building a new home.

There is approximately 305 square feet of floor space in a 40 foot shipping container and you can buy them with different heights if you are interested in creating a loft space or extra storage. You can purchase multiple containers and stack them on top of each other and add stair cases, or put them side by side with open passageways between the containers.

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There are many accessories that you can add to your shipping container home.

You can easily add electricity, plumbing, flooring, paint, and everything else you require to make your space comfortable. You can also add windows, air conditioning or heating systems, insulation, or glass walls, to create the space of your dreams. You can also get custom shelving from the company that you get your container from. The shelving comes in different measurements, styles, and different configurations so it is up to you to figure out what you need to properly store all of your stuff.

You can feel secure in your home by adding a security lockbox. This prevents anyone from using bolt cutters to cut your locks because there is a steel housing protecting your padlock. There are also many options that you can choose for doors like roller doors, personal access doors, and additional container doors so it will open at either end. This is great for moving large bulky items in or out of the container.

The shipping containers come with fork pockets on the bottom to make them truly portable. You can have it moved anywhere easily by self-pack removal if you move or wish to sell it to someone else.

You can also take comfort in the fact that you are contributing to taking care of the environment. Shipping containers are also eco friendly because they are completely recyclable.

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