Windows – Shipping Containers

Natural lighting and ventilation

The inside of a container can be quite dark and musty. This is because of its design which is focused on producing a sturdy and sealed space. This is ideal when shipping merchandise, but it becomes excessive when the container is used for other purposes. Natural lighting and some ventilation can do wonders for a living space or office created inside a container. But how can light and air be supplied? While there are many options, a window is an easy answer to this challenge and it can be cut to specification for your specific purpose!

windows modification

Windows: an easy answer

Many companies offer services of installing windows into the sides of containers. This is a quick and easy way of obtaining natural lighting and ventilation to relieve the stuffy atmosphere inside. The great news is that windows can be cut to specification and installed on any part of the container you need it. This makes it easy to turn a basic container into an ideal workspace without the clinical atmosphere of artificial light. Windows can be customised even further by attaching security bars or shutters for safety if you deem it necessary.

Windows enhance in many ways

First impressions last and your office or home can benefit greatly from the added aesthetic value windows give. Installed windows are neat and look professional. They are functional in giving ventilation and natural light, but they also make an impression on visitors and clients. Imagine walking into a dark steel space compared to an airy office with sunlight falling through the windows. So what are your options?

windows modification

Types of windows

Manufacturers offer you many options applicable to different geographical areas and purposes:

  • Double glazed windows: These windows look good but are also functional. Double glazing offers an amount of insulation. If your container is used in a very cold area, the heat created through the container baking in the sun will not escape through glazed windows, keeping the container cosy inside.
  • Shapes: There’s no end to the range of options you have when choosing what to install. When designing a house you can install circle or square windows and it’s no different when making adjustments to your container. Many shapes and sizes can be installed to give you the look & feel you require.
  • Shutters: While you’re in search of some natural lighting, you don’t want to give up any security that the sturdy container offers. You can install any size window and simply fit a shutter on the outside. Shutters can be closed and locked when the container is not being used. This keeps your assets safe inside when you’re not there, while offering ventilation options on the days you do need some air.
  • Internal locking: Security is paramount in any circumstance. For this reason—apart from options such as shutters which serve as an additional security barrier—windows are lockable from the inside. You can have to benefit of natural light and ventilation but you can also lock the window when security is needed or when you leave the container after a day’s work.
  • Roller doors: Security is vital for any office, home or shop. Whatever you choose to use your container for, you can still keep the contents safe when you install a window. While shutters are one option of adding security, roller doors that roll up and down is an ideal solution. Roller doors can even be motorised to make it easy to secure your window areas every night you leave.

Benefits of windows

  • Customised: Windows of any size can be installed in your container’s sides. This gives you the luxury of turning the container into a space that dynamically works for you. Windows can even be the length or width of the container’s sides. This turns a container into a lovely airy space in contrast to the darkness of the original design. There is no need to sacrifice security. Windows can easily be fitted with shutters or security bars to keep merchandise safe and prevent intruders from getting inside.
  • Applications: Customising a container opens up a world of possibilities of how the container can be utilised. By installing windows that let in natural light but still keep the contents safe with shutters, businesses can operate without a big capital investment and without concern for safety or security. Office space can be created and shops can offer their services. Clients can be served through window openings or by having full length sliding windows installed to give individuals access to the shop.