Signage Containers – Shipping Containers

Shipping Containers double as both Storage AND Signage

Your business’ success is dependent on good advertising, because you always need to grow your customer numbers. Marketing can consist of active campaigns such as emailing clients, but its success also rests on creating an eye catching presence in your community. What if you can use space in your local community to promote your business in an affordable way?

Using containers and attaching signage to them, creates unlimited possibilities. You can have an eye catching, billboard size advert of your company, without having to pay billboard prices. You can also look for empty spaces in town to rent, or use space on your premise that may not be functional for another use. Your branding options are versatile, and you can pick the one which suits your budget & setup best.

Modification signage

Multifunctional marketing

Your location and functioning will help you choose how to dynamically utilise container advertising.

  • Well positioned billboard: The location of any marketing activity plays a big role in its outcome. Your branding should be in a place where it can be seen by potential customers and a container is portable so you can position it anywhere you’ll benefit from. Containers can easily be moved; all you need is a piece of open land.
  • Office transformed into a banner: The diversity of a container is well known. Your business may even be run from a container while it’s being used as an onsite office or workshop. You don’t have to stop at utilising the inside of the container. Your logo can be shown on the outside. Through this you gain a marketing medium and you add professionalism to your offices.
  • Buy or rent: Your marketing campaign may run for a short period of time. In this case you can rent a container on which to promote your business or cause. You can have a great marketing medium without the full expense and commitment of buying a container.



Your business or cause can benefit in a variety of ways from owning or renting a container. Because there are unlimited possibilities, you can plan how to get the most out of yours. No matter your applications, the benefits for your marketing campaigns are extensive:

  • Size: In short, a container is huge. There are a few sizes you can choose from, depending on your available space. Whatever you choose, the attached signage will most surely be noticed, simply because of the amount of space it takes up.
  • Durable: Containers were made to last through rough weather and rough handling. This makes them durable by design and this means your marketing medium will be durable. Rough wind or rain won’t tarnish your painted logo and the chances of people destroying it are small.
  • Functional: The potential of any space multiplies when using containers. A site workshop can also become your branding focus. The unlimited possibilities of container advertising turns marketing space into functional space.
  • Portable retail: You can have eye catching advertising, but if the public sees it every day, they will get accustomed to it and won’t take in your message anymore. Luckily a container is portable, which means you can move it around between various public spots, so your message is always fresh to those passing by.

How can your brand be fixed to a container?

There are many methods of attaching your logo, information or message to a container. Your decision will depend on what makes practical sense

  • Paint: Your container can have a complete makeover through a new coat of paint that includes painting your logo on the side.
  • Banner: A rented container or short marketing campaign will benefit from a neatly printed banner—made from paper or more durable PVC banner material—fixed to the container with ropes. This can be taken off when the campaign is over, or be replaced by a new banner.
  • Additional options: Containers can be customised and turned into a shop or stall by adding doors, windows and even a shaded area. Your branding fixed to the sides turns this into a branded icon for all who pass by in the street, on site or at an expo.

The answer to marketing woes

In their design, size and availability, containers offer companies the ideal option for dynamic marketing. Through this portable retail option you can put a visual representation of your business and message in any area, without concerning yourself about durability. By making the overhaul of your container easy on the eye as well as practical, you have a budget friendly advertising medium.