Roller Doors – Shipping Containers

Roller Doors improve accessibility

It’s truly amazing how a basic shipping container can be turned into the ideal space you’re in search of. Whether it’s for personal use or for your business, a container can be converted into a functional space but also a secure space. These practical characteristics are added to even further by making a shipping container easy to use. The heavy metal doors of containers can be cumbersome and restrictive if you need easy access for large objects. Accessibility is one area you can improve on and this is achieved through conversions such as installing a roller door.

rollerdoor modification

What is a roller door?

A roller door is a metal door that rolls up or down to open and close a particular entrance. It is made out of horizontal metal slats which are hinged together to make the door flexible in order to roll up. In the case of your container you can decide where you prefer the roller door to be installed. The roller door can replace the original hinged doors of the container. Alternatively the door can be installed in the side of the container if it better suits your accessibility requirements.

How does a roller door help you?

Roller doors are easier to open and close than the hinged doors a container is designed with. This makes it an easier option for accessibility to the interior of your container. You’re given the option of installing a roller door on the side of a container. This feature can be of any size which will benefit your functioning. This makes it great for storage containers that are used for large items which may not fit through the original steel doors. Roller doors give you customised access but also security because you can have any type of lock installed to keep your area safe.

rollerdoor modification


  • Remote control: Your comfort is improved upon by installing motorised roller doors. Via a remote control you can easily open and close your container. This option requires a bigger capital investment, but will save you lots of time and energy in the long run. Do keep in mind access to an electricity source is necessary to implement this feature.
  • Any size and place: Roller doors can be custom made to fit your exact requirements whether you need small or very wide doors installed. Roller doors don’t have to run from the top to the bottom of the container. They can also be installed in specific spaces to create serving windows.
  • Locking mechanisms: You have the luxury of choosing how you want your roller doors to lock. A range of locks and bolts are available and you can decide what is appropriate for the level of security you need for the contents of the container.
  • Safety: Roller doors are made of steel, similar to containers. Installation of a roller door doesn’t diminish the safety level of the container. You’re still protected against intruders. Appropriate locking mechanisms keep roller doors in place when you need contents protected.
  • Weatherproof: You may think customisation of your container will make it less secure. This doesn’t apply when installing roller doors. By having them expertly installed you still have a sealed and weatherproof container for your merchandise.

Practical applications

Roller doors increase the options you have with utilising your container for your business or personal use. Customised options make it possible to dynamically use a container in the following scenarios:

  • Vehicle access: Containers are large enough to be used as storage for vehicles or large motorised implements. The installation of a roller door means even vehicles wider than the original steel doors can have access to secure storage. Warehouses now have ideal options for packing and unpacking the container because the accessibility of the container enables forklifts to enter and manoeuvre easily.
  • Canteen or shop serving point: If you want to create an area to serve customers or workers you have an easy option by using a container with roller doors and serving windows. Y our container serves as serving point and storage so your merchandise and machines can be safely stored overnight. Packing up becomes a quick process because you simply clean up, close the roller door of the serving window and lock the main door. Depending on the layout of the premises, you can decide where the serving window and door should be installed.

Shipping containers make life easier when you’re in search of space and security. Roller doors make these containers even more practical and versatile. Get your roller door quote today!