Personal Access Door – Shipping Containers

Functional and Secure space

In their basic design, containers are utilised as storage areas or as billboards for marketing. By customising them however you can get the most out of them, even in more complicated uses. These uses include site offices or workshops and even housing. Doors, windows and add-ons such as shading turn a simple container into a dynamic unit to benefit your business or give you more comfort. One of these changes is the installment of a personal access door. By giving easy access to your container it will add to the ways in which your container simplifies your life.


What is a personal access door?

A personal access door is a pre-fabricated, steel door that is installed in one of the container’s sides. Though it can be made from many different substances, colour bond steel is a favourite option for many people. This door measures 2040mm x 820mm and though made of steel it’s much easier to manage than the heavy double doors that a container is manufactured with. Doors can be installed to open either way and they are lockable, so they offer great security.


How will a personal access door benefit my setup?

All containers are manufactured with big metal doors at one end. These doors give easy access to the container for loading of cargo. As soon as a container is reapplied as something other than a shipping container, the requirements for entry change. How can a personal access door help in these situations?

  • Onsite office or workshop: An office needs to be a place of security and functionality. A large, heavy door is difficult to open and close every time someone enters the office. Most container doors can only be locked from the outside and so it’s not ideal if privacy is needed for a quick meeting. A personal access door gives easy access to whoever needs to enter the unit. The door is lockable with a key from either side.
  • Bathrooms: Containers are the ideal size to construct lavatories or bathrooms in. This can be for permanent use or as portable facilities. One door at the end of the unit does not assist in giving privacy to all using the unit. By installing lockable personal access doors into the side, you can erect walls inside the container, so offering all users privacy. Ease of use is increased with doors opening either way.
  • Health centre: A centre tending to many people’s needs can become a high traffic area. One entrance results in people crowding together, but by creating entrances and exits via personal access doors the flow of people move along and help to get work done quicker.
  • Accommodation: A home needs entrances which are easy and safe for all members of a family. Small children will not be able to lock big container doors and they may even end up hurting themselves. A personal access door makes it easy for a family to lock their valuables inside and create safe entry for all.

Additional options

  • Colour: Doors are manufactured from colour bond steel. You have a variety of colours to choose from and the door will always present well without fading colours.
  • Durability: A slim line door is made from strong metal, so wind and rain will not let it lose its shape as in the case of wooden doors. Containers are bought for their durability. They may form part of a long term plan. The doors should preferably last as long as the container itself
  • 180 degrees: Personal access doors can be installed to open to either one way or to open in both directions if necessary.
  • Security: Personal access doors are made from steel, so they are already great for security. A variety of locking mechanisms such as locks with keys as well as bolts can be installed to add to the level of security.
  • Overhead drip ledge: Containers are often used out in the open as in the case of site offices. When exiting a container, you don’t want to walk into a waterfall due to rain. With an overhead drip ledge installed, your comfort is looked after.

Quick answer for ease of use

Your container’s level of functionality can be increased through a basic installation. A personal access door offers ease of access to all who use the unit. With the many options in the door’s design and accessories, you’re sure to find an answer which perfectly fits your situation. Where you now find areas of frustration with traffic or security, a door can be the solution to your troubles.