Electrical Fitout – Shipping Containers

Lighting, Power Points and more

Containers are a practical solution to many challenges. Affordable space for offices or workshops can be found in acquiring a shipping container of a size the fits your budget and available space. You can choose whether a 10ft, 20ft or 40ft container will suffice. From being simply a shipping container, these steel structures can be transformed into practical space that has flexible functionality to fulfill your purpose. This is done through an electrical fitout which enables the space to be dynamically used for what it was acquired for.


Prepare your container for the goal

A fitout prepares a space for a particular function. To make it fulfil its purpose you can transform its functionality by installing certain features. An electrical fitout will make the container usable for electrical devices. An electrical fitout can include the following:

  • Connecting the container with a power source
  • Installing light fixtures to give adequate lighting for all activities
  • Installing fixtures for projectors to show Power Point images on screens
  • Installing phone data outlets to enable users to connect to the internet
  • Installing air conditioning units to assist in creating a comfortable temperature to work in

Its functionality is further enlarged by its mobility. Your container can be moved from place to place with all the fittings and fixtures inside. It simply has to be connected to new power sources wherever you need it.


Make your dreams come true

An electrical fitout transforms a metal structure into a dynamic workspace with great lighting and resources. This makes it as dynamic as a standard office block. All luxuries and necessities can be added to a container so you can use it as a dynamic office space. You can even stack containers on top of each other if more space is necessary. By connecting your container with electrical and data sources you can do anything you would have done in a regular business setup. The added bonus is the security as the steel structure protects your assets inside. Set yourself up for greatness by giving your container more functionality and yourself more options.

What does your container need?

Your container is the first step towards having a practical space to function in. To really work for you, you need to equip your container through the following process:

  • Connect the container to municipal power or a generator. You need an electrical switch board and safety switches to ensure your system is safe for all users.
  • Lay down wiring to give power to equipment and light fixtures.
  • Give adequate lighting to the interior through installing light fixtures and connecting them to the power source.
  • Businesses and even homes can’t function well without a connection to the internet and communication systems. To enable users of the container to connect with the rest of the world you need to install phone data outlets.
  • You can add additional fixtures such as audio visual equipment. When having meetings or presentations, this is ideal to share your Power Point notes or videos with everyone present.
  • Install air ventilation or air conditioning units. In this way you provide people with a comfortable environment to meet and work in, which will benefit your goal in the end.
  • You need to comply with safety requirements in mind at all times. An exit sign and emergency lighting needs to be in place so users of the container are safe.

Uses for containers

The list of areas where containers can be used is endless. Here are a few original ideas to spark your creativity. Depending on what the purpose of your container is you can install fixtures & outlets to accommodate the relevant equipment:

  • Kitchen for business canteen.
  • Training room for new employees where Power Point presentations and videos can be shown.
  • Reception areas for construction companies. Computers, internet and printers can be fully functional. It’s a practical office option which can be moved to the next site when the project comes to an end. You save expenses of building a new office.
  • A small shop in an area where there is enough interest in your product. You don’t have to build an entire new shopping centre. Merchandise can be safely locked up. An electrical fitout supplies you with power for bright lighting as well as internet connection for administration and customer payments.

Of what use can a container be to you? It may be the very resource you’ve been looking for!