Custom Paint – Shipping Containers

Transform your container with paint

The revolution of using shipping containers for every day applications has taken the world by storm. Many governmental institutions—as well as businesses—use containers for storage or for offices. Individuals even find purposes for them at home, and charities utilise them in various areas. Making such a unit part of your home or business is of course a very practical option, but is it also an aesthetically pleasing option? A simple coat of paint may transform your practical unit into a more suitable unit.

custom painting

What is your reason for painting?

A coat of paint has various benefits. Apart from being easier on the eyes, it can even serve your purpose a lot better:

  • Appearance: A container has quite a rough exterior. After all, that’s what it was designed for; to protect contents and take the beating of long distance travel. When used for home or business on your premise though, its look can easily be softened through a coat of paint.
  • Weatherproofing: As with any house or building, paint can protect the unit against weather conditions. By creating an additional barrier between the metal and rainwater or condensation, there is a smaller chance that rust will form.
  • Upgrade: If you’re using a container for personal or business reasons, chances are that it’s a second hand unit that has been in the shipping industry. This means that it may have scratches and marks all over. Paint is the easy answer to this, to let the unit look as good as new
  • Refurbish: The uses of a shipping container are endless. As housing, storage, offices or even recreation, these steel squares can be converted into many types of spaces. Each of these conversions will require installation of whatever is needed for the particular application. Does your house or office need air vents? Does your storage facility need shelves? Does your new classroom need electricity? All of these as well as painting—on the inside as well as outside—will give an old container a new purpose in life and be the dynamic answer to your need.
  • Matching surrounds: Your reason for acquiring a container will be unique, but one factor will be applicable in almost any situation: you don’t want your container to stick out like a sore thumb. By matching your paint colour to the area around the container, you’ll help camouflage it and bringing unity between all the buildings in that area.

A painted container will serve you longer

Paint protects a building—and in this case a container—against the onslaught of harsh weather. Wind and rain can damage surfaces, and paint is the ideal way of protecting against these factors. Less rust will occur if a container is regularly painted with the correct type of paint, meaning that no holes will appear through which moisture can enter. Sun has an effect on any building’s current layer of paint, and therefore you’ll have to paint the container regularly to keep it covered in a protective layer. This means that you’ll have use of your container for a longer time, than when leaving it at the mercy of weather conditions.

Make a statement through your container

A container can be part of a business or project—e.g. charity project to create classrooms—and in this situation, painting it becomes the ideal way of using it as a message or as a marketing tool.

  • Fun: If you use the container in a capacity of fun, then making its appearance fit the purpose, will add to the overall experience of the people using it. Imagine a kids’ classroom resplendent in colour. This will add to the weatherproofing of the container as well as ignite some passion in joy in every child, because art and colour carries a message.
  • Business: Having a container as an office or a storage facility is practical, but you can upgrade the container to becoming your very own billboard. Why not paint your logo or contact details onto the container? This change in appearance will enhance the presence of your business in the immediate surroundings, making it a powerful player in your marketing campaigns.

Paint is powerful

There is no need to keep to the look of a shipping container if it’s being used for another purpose. The simple application of paint will enhance its appearance and by weatherproofing it you’re saving money by extending its lifespan. Put life into a container in every sense of the word!