Additional Double Doors – Shipping Containers

Double doors add value to your container

Containers are already an ideal option to help with various needs in businesses as well as for personal use. Containers are large and strong enough to be used as storage or office storage options. Customising a container makes it even more practical for the specific purpose you might have for it. Analyse your requirements and find out how a container can be changed to fit your plans. One way of tailoring it to your plan is to add double doors to the end or side of your container. Let’s take a quick look at how this works.

additional doors

Maximise Space

Containers of all sizes are usually manufactured with one pair of double doors at one end. This gives entry to the container through a space as wide and high as the container itself. While this is already a huge entrance, it forces you to use it in a particular way

  • Items can only enter and leave the container at one spot. Vehicles that are stored or used to carry items need to be reversed out of the container. You need to make sure the vehicle has that option or it might be stuck inside with too little space to turn around,
  • If the container is used for storage, an aisle has to be left open in order to get to all the items inside. This limits the space that can be utilized,
  • Items that are wider than the double doors cannot enter the container.

You can opt to install additional doors in your containers. Have them fixed in the most ideal spot:

  • Other end: This allows you to enter the container from two sides. You can use more of the space inside, because as long as you can reach an item from one of the doors, you won’t have the frustration of not being able to unload it.
  • On the side: Double doors on the side of the container can give you additional access to the contents. You can choose a customised door which is great for large objects that may be wider than the doors on the end of the container.

add doors

Benefits of additional double doors

  • Security: When you have your additional doors installed, you have choices in terms of its manufacturing as well as its locking mechanism. By having thicker steel doors and tamper proof locks, you can have high level security for valuable merchandise
  • Customized: You can plan how your container will serve your purpose best. Additional doors’ location, size and substance can be chosen according to what your budget and your needs dictate. This option is great for large objects which need to be stored, but are too big for the doors at the end of the container
  • Versatile: If you want to line up a few containers for additional storage or as offices, you can have additional double doors installed in the sides, instead of the ends. This give you access to the content while you utilise your space optimally

One trip containers

Your requirements for containers with additional doors may be met in the form of a One Trip Container. These containers are manufactured specifically to be used once only. They are loaded with cargo and it travels by sea and rail to its destination—usually North America—after which it is sold and available for other uses. These containers are ideal because they already have the following characteristics:

  • Second set of doors: One Trip Containers have doors at either end of them, so there is no need for you to have additional expenses of installing more doors
  • Slim line lockboxes: They have high level security because they are manufactured with slim line lockboxes on all doors. This can give you peace of mind about the safety of its content against burglars
  • Great condition: These containers aren’t used as shipping containers for more than one trip. If you buy this type of container, you can be sure of its good condition, as it did not sustain years of rough handling and weather. It will not have rust and the chances it has been damaged are very low.

Customize your container

A simple addition can make a huge difference. You can utilize a container to its full extent by adding double doors to the side or end. Warehouses can have better storage options and businesses can have more ease of use. High level security will be attained through proper locking mechanisms and your office or storage container can be applied for more uses than before.