Insulated (Non-Operational) Shipping Containers for Sale Melbourne and Victoria

Insulated Shipping Containers are decommissioned Refrigerated Containers that have the insulation capabilities to maintain a steady internal temperature with no power needed. This provides a perfect option for items that need to be protected from extreme high or low outside temperatures.

Shipping Container 20 nor

Container Traders offer a selection of Insulated Containers to customers in Melbourne and Victoria. With 20 foot, 40 foot and high cube variations, we’ve got the right container for your unique needs.

Guaranteed vermin, wind and water proof, you can rest assured your items will be protected and able to survive rough weather conditions, and terrain. Container Traders also offer an upgrade option for your Insulated Container purchase to include a paint job externally for cosmetic upgrade.

If you’re in Adelaide and you need a Container that can act much like a powered refrigerated container and keep items cold for a certain period of time, or if you want a container where temperature is managed for living or working purposes, then contact Container Traders for more information.