Bolster Shipping Containers for Sale Hobart

Bolster Containers are part of the Flat Rack family, however, they have a slightly thinner base and no end walls. This makes then even more versatile and extremely useful for oversized items that do not require protection from the elements.

Shipping Container 40' Flat Rack bolster

Our Hobart supply of Bolsters is produced with Corton steel and has standard sizing options which mean that they are extremely tough and also extremely efficient. For both the 20 and 40 foot options, you have the choice of a steel or wooden floor for added customisation.

Our new and used Flat Racks offer customers in Hobart and beyond the perfect solution to large and bulky transportation needs, with many businesses and individuals using the Bolsters to ship vehicles, boats, yachts, water tanks, bulldozers or water tanks.

If this sounds like the solution to your transportation problems, then contact one of our friendly team at Container Traders to get some more information.