6ft Shipping Containers

6ft General Purpose Shipping Containers

If you’re looking for a storage or transportation solution that requires minimal mobility provisions and minimal space, a 6ft container is the perfect choice for you. At Container Traders, our smallest container on offer sits at just 6ft in length and boasts a minimal external footprint. Commonly dubbed a ‘minicube’ container, they are petite but they pack a punch. Given its smaller stature, the 6ft container offers enhanced functionality and convenience, while still maintaining status as an efficient storage solution. The containers offer five cubic metres of internal space and boast a lighter weight than their larger counterparts’. This means the 6ft containers are best moved by forklift so your requirements for delivery and relocation are extremely minimal.

6ft General Purpose shipping container front end 45 degrees

6ft General Purpose Shipping Container

Given their reduced size, these containers are the most ideal option for size-restricted sites (especially minor residential sites) and make the perfect shed, personal self-storage solution or industrial sub-storage provision for prime cost items. They can also be modified to include shelving, lighting, windows and more to tailor more closely to your needs.

6ft general purpose shipping container left side

6ft General Purpose Shipping Container

The 6ft containers are 1.82m long, 1.95m wide and 1.92m tall. They are fitted with security locks for safe storage of valuable goods, and are guaranteed to be water, wind and vermin proof for added benefit and peace of mind. They’re constructed from the highest quality materials and are built to withstand the toughest conditions, so you can rest assured your goods will remain safe inside. If you only need a 6ft container for a short period, perhaps you’d prefer to pay a smaller fee and hire instead of buying. Container Traders offers leasing plans for a small monthly fee for as long as you need, commitment free – it’s that easy!

6ft General purpose shipping container door open

6ft General Purpose Shipping Container

Get in touch with one of our friendly team to discuss your specific storage, transportation or site requirements and to learn more about why a 6ft container might be the best option for you. Call Container Traders to find out more information or get a quote today!