New 20ft High Cube Shipping Containers For Sale

20′ New Build High Cube Containers offer  quality and space, in the same foot print as a 20′ General Purpose Container. With a great range of colours and options for side opening doors or doors at both ends, Container Traders are sure to find the precise container for your project. With a highly skilled team ready to assist, give us a call today on 1300 89 89 70

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New 20ft High Cube Shipping Container Forsale

High Cube shipping containers are the most functional way to ship and store your items.  Ideal for residential to commercial use, High Cube shipping containers are used across Australia for a variety of uses. Shipping containers were originally only used in the industrial shipping industry and were created as ways to make shipping across land or sea safe and convenient. For that reason, High Cube Shipping Containers are some of the strongest containers available and that has helped them to become a widely used tool.

High cube shipping containers are even more versatile and useful because they provide you with more space. High Cube Shipping Containers are general purpose containers that have extra height. They are usually a foot talker than standard general purpose containers that extra foot creates and extra 172 square cubic feet to store items! Container Traders sells high quality 20’ high cube shipping containers at incredible prices.

Spacious Storage Option

High cube shipping containers are the tough and spacious ways to protect your items during shipping and storage. They are one of the most secure ways to transport or store personal and professional items. Whether you need extra space to hold your tools and sporting equipment at your home or you are looking for an economical way to ship materials to your clients, you can use a high cube shipping container! High cubes are excellent when you have extremely tall items to store or ship, like large pieces of furniture, art, machinery, tools, or material. They also allow you to fit more if you are packing the cube for shipment. When you need space and don’t want to upgrade to our largest shipping container option, we recommend a new 20’ high cube shipping container. Maximise space and efficiency with these strong containers from the leading shipping container company in Australia. One of the reasons that Container Traders is the leading shipping container company in the country is because we guarantee quality containers. The high cube shipping containers are made from the thickest steel available, have premium wood flooring and standard large double doors ideal for fitting large items and making load in easy. Our high cube shipping containers are weather resistant, water proof, humidity proof and can easily keep out vermin, thieves, rot and decay. They all excellently maintained and will keep your items safe, no matter how far they are being shipped or how long they are being stored! Store or ship your items in a Container Traders high cube shipping container and you know you are getting tons of space, excellent features and strong capability at a great price.

High Cube, Best of Both Worlds

The 20ft high cube will give you the best of both worlds. If you want tons of space without having to deal with a massive shipping container, you will love what our 20ft high cube container can provide to you. The 20’ high cube shipping container was made to be convenient and spacious. The extra foot of heigh will allow you to store even more in your 20’ high cube than you could in a 20ft general purpose but the 20’ is still easily fit into tight spaces and is very portable so you can move it around without much of a hassle. It is truly one of the most convenient products available on the shipping container market and can be used in so many ways and so many situations! Find out why our 20’ high cube shipping container is a best seller today! High cubes are popular choices for consumers because they can fulfil so many shipping and storage uses. High cubes can be used by families or individuals who need extra storage. High cubes are used by businesses who need to ship products or store extra products before they are sold. High cubes can be used for temporary office spaces or even for temporary (or permanent) living spaces. They can be used for shipping commercial goods or to hold materials, debris or tools during a job or project. High cubes bring space and efficiency to your shipping and storage needs. They are extremely portable and secure ways to ship and store your items. When you need to create extra space, need to temporarily vacate your home or office space, need to ship large and bulky items or want to store extra products, documents or materials; you should consider Container Traders 20’ shipping containers. Achieve more space than a mini cube but avoid the inconvenience of moving a 40’ container and invest in a high cube. The possibilities for the 20ft high cubes are endless!

High Ceilings for living spaces

High cubes have recently become popular for becoming living spaces or work spaces. The shipping container home has become a novelty that many creative and innovative builders and architects have become experimenting with building. High cubes are more used more often than general purpose containers because the extra foot of height is helpful for more space. There are high cube shipping container homes, additions, offices, cafes, bars, guest houses and play houses. A quick search on the Internet can provide you with enough inspiration to create your own high cube home or office! And when you are creating something for living or working, you’ll want to ensure its the highest quality and you will find quality with a Container Traders shipping container!

High Cube are the preferred container for Removals

High cubes are also popular options for general purpose storage for individuals and family. If you are in the process of moving or clearing out a home to prepare for a move, the high cube will provide you with more space than the traditional sized storage container. Additionally, with the 20ft sized container, you will still achieve the ease of a portable and easy-to-handle nature of a general purpose container. With a 20’ high cube container, you can easily keep it on your property or close by and achieve the extra space you need without overwhelming the area. Many small businesses and large companies enjoy using 20’ high cube containers. High cubes are effective ways to ship large quantities of materials or to store extra product, documents, spare materials or upcoming promotional materials. Many businesses use 20’ high cubes as promotional or marketing booths during events or festivals as they are convenient, spacious and, best of all, portable!  20’ high cubes make for ideal temporary off spaces. They are secure and safe but can be quite comfortable, with additions and modifications. If you have a growing business or are consistently overwhelmed with the amount of materials, products and files you have in your office space, a 20’ high cube could be an ideal solution. They can help you get organized, create more space and store even more items.

Perfect Container for Tools and Equipment

If you are a company with many job sites, projects or your frequently have teams that are not in the office and spend long periods of time working in one location, you can invest in a 20’ high cube shipping container from Container Traders to make job sites more comfortable and accommodating. High cubes are perfect for keeping your tools or machinery safe and secure in site that is not guarded or secure. They also are ideal for makeshift offices on job sites or of shipping and storing large materials. High cubes are weather resistant and durable. They will last in the most desolate of places, the toughest of work sites and the most strenuous of environments. They will help make your team more equipped to perform their duties and can help make projects run smoother and more efficiently. Container Traders is the leading supplier of new high cube shipping containers in the country. We are always on the look out for the most innovative, newest and advanced high cubes on the market. Our shipping experts are on the cutting edge of shipping container technology and we strive to provide the best and newest models to our clients. We have a wide selection of high cubes that you can choose one and each one is of the highest quality, offers the best security system and latest features available. You will know you have the most secure and safest shipping container for your items when you invest in a Container Traders shipping container! You can turn to Container Traders for the newest innovations in high cubes.

Quality Matters

Container Traders strives to provide quality high cube shipping containers, exceptional prices, incredible customer service and fast delivery. Our goal is for your shipping and storage to be easy and stress free. We want you to be confident in your choice of shipping container. If you are unsure of exactly what type of high cube or general purpose shipping container you may need, our shipping experts will be able to help you choose the right one. We offer fast delivery and easy set up. You will be able to quickly have your shipping container at your home or business and you will know it will last a lifetime! When you need a high cube that is spacious, durable and affordable, contact Container Traders!

20ft High Cube Dimensions and Sizing

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