New 20 Foot – High Cube Shipping Containers Side Open For Sale

20’High Cube Side Opening Shipping Containers are a popular choice for Australia’s commercial market. Container Traders provide these units Australia wide with fast delivery times. High Cube Containers are 9’6 in height allowing for a foot of additional storage space throughout. These containers specifically allow for dual access from the side wall and the end wall.

Side Opening Shipping Container 20ft

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20′ Side Opening High Cube Shipping Containers

20’Side Opening High Cube shipping containers, provides both the practicality of the highest container available on the domestic market, and access to both the end and side for loading and unloading.  20’ High Cube Side Opening shipping containers provide strong and sturdy ways to ship and store your items or goods with the added convenience of not having to climb over your goods to gain access to your possessions at the back of the container. Originally created to protect goods and cargo during transport by land and sea, shipping containers will keep your items protected during transport or storage. Side opening shipping containers bring you durability, strength, protection and they allow for easy access with their handy full side access doors. This modification makes it extremely easy to load, unload and access your items, whether you are a homeowner, business owner or factory foreman! Side opening shipping containers are versatile and have many different uses, from personal use at a home or shipping commercial goods or to being used as a pop up retail shop at a festival. Container Traders provides extra space and added convenience with their high cube side opening shipping containers. You can achieve an extra foot of container height, adding extra storage space in your shipping container, as well as, the ease of being able to easily load and unload your contents.

General purpose shipping containers will handle and contain a wide variety of different goods and items. Your items will stay safe and protected in a general purpose shipping container whether you are storing items outside of your home during a renovation, using it for extra storage for your business or shipping commercial items across the country. No matter what is in your general purpose shipping container, it will be completely protected and secure and with the side opening, it is even easier to access your times when you need them! The added benefit of extra space that comes with a general purpose high cube side opening containers make them spacious, convenient, strong and secure — everything you want in a shipping container!

High cube shipping containers are higher than standard general purpose shipping container by one foot. This added foot of space gives you even more storage and shipping space. You can add extra storage space in a standard 20’ general purpose shipping container. A high cube side opening container is extremely beneficial for those who need added space in their container, want to maximize space outside of it and want easy access. With the extra foot of space in height, you can fit more and when you need to reach it, you can simply open the doors and take it out without having to pack and unpack everything. There are some things to consider with high cube side opening shipping containers. The first is that you need to ensure you put your shipping container in a space where you can safely open both doors outwards, which means it will not always fit into the tightest of spaces. Additionally, although you will have extra space, the weight constrictions do not change and that may impact if you need to ship your shipping container.

Container Traders provides the highest quality of High Cube Open Side Shipping Containers

Container Traders provides the highest quality of high cube open side shipping containers. They are made of strong steel, solid wood, two side opening door and the latest security features. Our 20’ high cube open side shipping containers are made to withstand the Australian weather. Humidity, decay, rot and vermin will not impact your items stored in your shipping container. They are sure to keep your items completely secure and protected while they are being shipped or stored. Our high cube open side shipping containers come equipped with handy tie-backs to keep your shipping container doors open to prevent accidental closings while you are loading or unloading your container.

Side opening high cube shipping containers are ideal options for many homeowners and business owners. They create extra space with their added storage space and they allow for easy access with their convenient side openings. The 20’ shipping container is an ideal size as it will maximize space but can fit plenty of items and goods. The 20’ high cube open side containers are very portable and also extremely spacious. You get the best of both worlds with the high cube open side shipping containers. Perfect for either shipping or storage, the 20’ high cube shipping container provides you everything you need for your transport and storage need.

Open side shipping containers are used in many different situations. Many individuals and homeowners use high cube shipping containers for storing their personal effects while they are moving, renovating or are in need of extra storage. Many business owners use shipping containers for pop up shops, display booths, extra work space or to deliver products to vendors or partners. Industrial companies use opens side shipping containers in warehouses to easily store cartons, boxes and containers.

Homeowners enjoy side opening shipping containers because they make it easier to access their items. In fact, many individuals like to use their side opening shipping containers as their tool sheds or garden sheds because it so convenient to access their items. And the extra space provided by a high cube shipping container make them ideal solutions for extra storage space around the home. With a side opening high cube, you will be able to store even more items and have easy access to them without having to pack and unpack your container every time you need to retrieve an item. They are secure and safe, as well as, convenient, making them a perfect choice for storing your personal items!

Industrial shipping companies, factory owners or anyone with a large number of products that are housed in a warehouse often use side opening high cubes to hold products or goods in a warehouse setting. This is because side opening shipping containers make it easy to load in a large number of cartons and containers into the shipping container with a forklift. You can stack the 20’ side opening high cube shipping containers on top of one another to create a large storage space where you can easily load and unload items or boxes with a forklift.

Side opening high cubes can be used in a number of innovative ways.

Side opening high cubes can be used in a number of innovative ways. For example, they are excellent for acting as a pop up shop or promotional booth at a trade show or special event. The high cube provides extra space and the easy opening sides, make it for many creative uses. Restaurants may invest in a side opening high cube to set up a booth at a local festival or an artist may use a side opening high cube for gallery space or even as an outdoor workspace. The side opening high cubes are extremely durable and strong, so you don’t need to worry about the elements if you choose to use it as a mobile office, pop up shop or mobile storefront.

Container Traders innovative brand new side opening high cubes are some of the best shipping containers on the market. Shipping containers are becoming easier to use, move and offering better product they ever before and you know you will find the best on the market with us! Our containers combine ease with space, convenience with high quality. They are portable, durable, secure and can be altered or modified in any number of ways! These brand containers are top of the line and some of the newest available. They have the latest features, including security and safety options. They provide you an amazing way to store or ship your items, whether it is for your home, your small business or your international company. Everyone will enjoy the ease of us that comes with a 20’ high cube side opening shipping container.

When you shop at Container Traders, you are investing in quality. You know you are purchasing top of the line models that are advanced and stronger. We value the security of your items as much as you do so we perform quality inspections on all of our shipping containers so you can rest assured your items will be cared for while they are in transport or storage. Additionally, the team at Container Traders are shipping experts and we will be able to advise you on what will be the perfect shipping container for you. We’ll help you determine if you truly need the extra space a high container provides. We will help you determine what type of opening shipping container you may need and we will show you how to modify and alter your side opening containers so you can use them in creative and different ways. No matter what you need a side opening shipping container for, you will receive the best customer service, quality product and easy delivery when you come to Container Traders. If you are looking for a handy way to store or ship your items so they are safe, easy to access and completely protected, then you have found it with Container Traders 20’ side opening high cube! Contact us today to discover how easy it is to store and ship with a Container Traders 20’ side opening high cube!

Dimensions and Sizing

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