20 Foot – Pallet Wide High Cube Shipping Containers

Containers have universalised the global freight system.

But in the process, they standardised a containerised system they didn’t accommodate 2 Australian Pallets side by side until recently with the Introduction the 2 pallet wide 20′ High Cube.

Manufactured with a smaller wall profile the pallet wide series of containers allows easy handling of the Australian Pallet.

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Pallet Wide Shipping Containers For Sale

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Pallet Wide Containers are manufactured to accommodate 2 x Australian pallets side by side.

Unlike standard width containers (which marginally are too narrow to slide 2 x pallets side by side), Container Traders pallet containers are built with a smaller wall profile depth allow for 2 pallets to slide on in sideways! Got equipment you need to store and freight? Call us on 1300 89 89 70

From residential to commercial use, general purpose shipping containers are used for a variety of ways. Shipping containers were originally created to make shipping across land or sea safe and convenient. They are some of the strongest containers available and that has helped them to become a widely used tool. General purpose shipping containers are extremely versatile and high cube shipping containers are even more versatile and useful because they provide you with more space. Pallet wide 20’ shipping containers provide all of the same features as general purpose shipping containers except they provide a little bit of extra space.  Available in high cube height , 20’ pallet-wide shipping containers from Container Traders allow customers to load two Australian size pallets side by side, in a container still legal for transport by road, rail or sea.

Pallets are portable platforms on which containers can be stacked or stored with a forklift. They make it extremely convenient to ship and store items. This extra space also makes pallet-wide shipping containers ideal for the removal industry. We fit our pallet wide shipping containers with tie rails to help with extra load restraint when carrying furniture. The extra foot of height that comes with a high cube creates extra 172 square cubic feet to store items! Container Traders sells high quality 20’ high cube Australian pallet wide shipping containers at incredible prices.

9’6 High

High cube shipping containers are the tough ways to protect your items during shipping and storage. They are extremely secure and make it easy and convenient to transport or store personal and professional items. Whether you need extra space to hold your extra personal items at your home or if you are searching for an economical way to ship materials to your clients, a 20’ high cube shipping container is an ideal option for you! You are able to maximize space and efficiency with these strong containers from Container Traders.

Australian pallet-wide containers are especially useful for shipping and storage of goods already on pallets. These handy containers also make it easy to stack and store items with a forklift. The biggest difference between a traditional general purpose shipping container and a pallet wide container is the width. The pallet wide containers is 2 inches larger in width than a standard container, which allows you to have two pallets side by side. You can not have two pallets side by side when shipping with a traditional general purpose container so Australian pallet-wide containers are very unique. The pallet wide containers from Container Traders come in the high cube format so they are able to them to stack extra pallets.

One of the reasons that Container Traders is the leading shipping container company in the country is because we guarantee quality containers. The 20’ high cube Australian pallet wide shipping containers are made from the strong  steel, have premium wood flooring and standard double doors ideal easily loading items. The high cube Australian pallet wide shipping containers are resistant to rain and inclement weather. They are also humidity proof and can easily keep out vermin, thieves, rot and decay. The shipping containers from Container Traders are exceptionally well maintained and allow for convenient storage and shipping!

Pallets and Containers have changed freight for ever

Using pallets to help ship your items is a time saver for when you need to easily ship items. Since most traditional sized shipping containers do not fit on standard Australian pallets, the 20’ high cube pallet-wide containers extremely useful and handy containers for shipping items easily. The 20’ high cube shipping container are extra convenient and spacious. The extra foot of heigh will allow you an extra of 172 square cubic feet to store even more in your 20’ high cube. But while you can fit a large amount of items, they pallet-wide containers make it easy to ship them on pallets as they have added convenience. They are some of the most creative shipping containers available on the market and can be used in so many ways and so many situations! Find out why our 20’ high cube Australian pallet wide shipping container is a best seller today!

High cubes Australian wide pallets are excellent choices with individuals for self storage because they are easy to maneuver with pallets. They are ideal for palletized, plastic shrink-wrapped goods. Many individuals use Australian wide pallet shipping containers for transporting or string vintage cars. Dangerous goods can even be stored on pallets. High cube Australian wide pallets can be used for shipping in a variety of industries as they are convenient to move with pallets, making transportation easy. They can be used for shipping commercial goods or to hold materials, debris or tools during a job or project. Pallet wide shipping containers are ideal for furniture removals or domestic freight shipping. High cubes bring space and efficiency to your shipping and storage needs. They are extremely portable and secure ways to ship and store your items. Achieve more space and convenience with the 20’ high cube Australian pallet wide shipping container.

Many small businesses and large companies enjoy using 20’ high cube Australian pallet containers for shipping materials, products, machinery, tools and debris. High cubes Australian pallets are incredible spacious and durable with extra space for height and width so they are able to fit a large amount of items easily and conveniently and then you can simply load them onto a pallet for easy shipping. 20’ high cube Australian pallet were designed for domestic road and rail systems and also are frequently used in warehouses for loading in with a forklift.

Fork contents in on pallets quickly

There are many different types of shipping container available these days and you may not be certain as to which option is the right one for your and your unique shipping needs. Do you really need an Australian pallet wide shipping container? Is the high cube the right choice or do you not the extra space? Or is it necessary to have an open top shipping container and what about the size options? Without a wealth of information to choose your shipping container, it can be overwhelming to shop for one. But that is what the experts at Container Traders are here for! We have many years of experience in the shipping and storage industry and we will be able to help you find the best shipping container to meet your unique shipping and storage needs. When you do determine which type and size shipping container is the best fit, you will find it at a great prices as we have a wide variety of new and second hand shipping containers to fit every budget. In addition to helpful customer service and quality sturdy shipping containers, we are also convenient to you. Container Traders has locations across the country we will be able to deliver your high cube Australian pallet wide shipping container right to you quickly and easily. The process of determining the best shipping container to meet your needs and finding your best fit is easy and smooth when you trust the experts at Container Traders

Made for Australian Pallets

For the extra space and and added convenience, you will enjoy having a high cube Australian pallet-wide shipping container for your business. All of our shipping containers are exceptionally well-maintained and kept in the best condition so when they arrive at your business. High cube Australian pallet wide shipping containers make it extremely easy and convenient to ship and move your items with pallets. They are ideal for transporting large items, frequent shipments and any business that needs to ship multiple shipping containers at one time. By shopping at Container Traders, you can be confident that you are getting the highest quality shipping containers available on the market. They are sturdy, reliable, easy to move and transport and will fill a variety of your shipping and storage needs and we offer them at competitive prices! No matter your budget, you will be able to afford exceptionally strong and spacious high cube Australian pallet-wide shipping container from Container Traders For extra width and extra height, you need a Container Traders high cube Australian pallet-wide shipping container!

Our goal at Container Traders is to offer quality high cube shipping containers, exceptional prices, incredible customer service and fast delivery to our customers. We want to make finding and using your shipping container an easy process. Everything from our wide selection, strong containers, friendly customer service representatives and great prices are designed to make shipping and storing items for personal and professional easier and more convenient than ever! We are the most trusted provide of shipping containers in Australia for a reason and you will love shopping and shipping with us! Call us at Container Trader today to find out how we can get you the ideal shipping and storage solution for your home or business at unbelievable prices.

Dimensions and Sizing

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