20 Foot Hard Top Open Top Shipping Containers – New

Hard Top Open Tops

Manufactured to allow for faster loading and unloading than the standard soft top open top container.

No risk of tears in the tarpaulin, and a faster method of loading and unloading has seen the Hard Top supersede the Soft opt in manufacture plants throughout Asia.

Ideal for moving heavy- Bulky- top loading goods in and out. Need a Hard top? 1300 89 89 70

Shipping Container 20 Open Top

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Open top shipping containers are the popular choice for shipping and storing big items that need to be lowered in with a crane from above. They are popular with commercial shipping, the construction industry and the mining industry because they easily fit large items like pipes, steel bars, cables, mining materials and logs. With open top shipping containers, there are two different options for tops. There are soft tops that are made of durable tarpaulin and that is attached with bows. There are also hard top shipping containers which come with a steel top that is secured on with a crane. Container Traders sells the extremely secure brand new 20’ hard top shipping containers for all of your shipping needs.

The brand new 20’ hard top shipping containers from Container Traders are made of strong solid steel and come with the standard double door for manual loading, as well as, an open top. This allows you flexibility for how you want to load your items into your container. The hard top containers are weather proof, wind proof, water resistant and will keep out any animals or insects. They are strong and will withstand the longest of shipments and the heaviest of cargo.  Hard tops are made of heavy steel and they are loaded on with a crane. They provide an extra layer of security to an already secure container.

Strong- Robust- Easy to open and shut

Container Traders sells brand new, top of the line 20’ hard top shipping containers at affordable prices. Our shipping containers are the highest quality and come from leading brands. They have the added convenience of an open top, as well as, standard double doors and include all the latest security features. These open top containers can be loaded with a fork lift or crane if necessary. They make excellent shipping containers for mining or construction equipment, heavy machinery or large tools.

The 20’ hard top shipping containers are very versatile because they can act much like general purpose shipping containers do. When the top is secured on, they are just like general purpose containers. You can access your items through the standard double doors and you can stack your hard top shipping containers on top of one another to maximize space. When you do want to load in your items in bulk, you can simply do it using a crane and then secure the roof on after the items are inside the container. The hard top roofs are made of high quality strong steel and are loaded on top with a crane. These make for versatile shipping containers that can be used in many different situations. Whether you choose to load your items in with a crane, forklift or manually, you can be confident that they are completely protected in these secure structures.

Hard top shipping containers are just as strong as general purpose containers. The roof helps to provide structural support and so the hard top containers cannot be shipped with out the roof secured onto it. If you have items that are extremely oversized or awkwardly sized and will not fit into a 20’ container with the roof on it, then a hard top shipping container is not the best choice for you. A flat rack shipping container may be a better option for your shipping needs. However if you are looking for bulk loading and extra security with a steel roof, then the 20’ hard top shipping containers are an excellent choice for you.

Faster loading and unloading

The 20’ hard top containers make it easy to load in your content with a crane. This is handy if you need to quickly load in a large amount of heavy items. For example, shipping construction tools or mining tools would require a hard top shipping container. They also easily fit into spaces because they are stackable. Once the hard top is secured on, you can stack your hard top shipping containers on top of one another to maximise space in your warehouse and store more goods.

The 20’ hard top shipping containers are versatile containers to have for your business. You want to load and unload your large or bulky items easily and conveniently with a crane or a forklift, which makes the hard top an ideal choice. However, you may require storage space or transporting something that does not need to be loaded in using a crane. You can also use hard top shipping containers for this option as well! Because they have the standard double doors and the roof is securely attached, the hard top containers become just like general purpose shipping containers. So if you have different reasons for your using a shipping container and plan on keeping one at your business for years, you may want to invest in a container that will be versatile and can store many different types of items but is still extremely secure. You get the best of both worlds with the hard top shipping container; versatility and strength.

We sell the newest and most advanced shipping containers available on the market. Our brand new 20’ hard top containers come from leading brands and they offer the newest features. You need to be assured that you are investing in quality when you will be transporting or storing heavy items such as construction materials, pipes or logs. It’s important that you do not risk the safety of your crew or damage to your warehouse by getting a cheap-rate container. Luckily Container Traders combines quality and affordability. Our 20’ hard top containers are offered at extremely competitive prices. You will be investing in a container that can last for decades and will be offered at a great rate. We excellently maintain our shipping containers before they are sold and we perform quality inspections before they are delivered to double-check that your container is as strong and secure as it possibly can be! The hard top shipping containers from Container Traders are truly a worthwhile investment for any business that has long-term shipping needs! You will find the strongest and longest lasting shipping containers at Container Traders.

More Durable

Container Traders stands for high quality shipping containers. We know how important is that you ship and store your items in a secure way. You don’t want to worry about damage or theft when you ship and store items. The safety of your goods is our highest priority at Container Traders. We only sell shipping containers there made with the best materials, have the latest features and are double checked for security and strength. Our new containers are some of the newest available from some of the top shipping container companies in the world! You can be confident that your company’s materials are protected when they are inside of a hard to shipping container from Container Traders! We are certain that you will not find stronger containers anywhere else!

It is important to know that you are purchasing the right shipping container for your needs. There are so many containers available right now it may be difficult to know which one is best for your business. After all how do you know if you need a high cube container or a traditional size? How do you know if you need an open top or flat rack or a hard top or a soft top? Luckily you don’t have to know those answers because our friendly customer service representatives will help you to determine which container is the best choice for  you! We are experts in shipping and storage and we will work with you to understand your shipping containers needs and then help you choose the right type of container for you. We offer a wide variety of containers at Container Traders and will be able to find a quality product in your budget that will be the best fit!

Stock available in Some Depots, and by order

Once our shipping experts have helped you find the right container for your business, we will be able to quickly deliver it to you as well! Container Traders has locations across Australia  and we are able to provide fast delivery to you. The delivery team will deliver your new hard top shipping container to you at your convenience so you can get to work of shipping and storing large goods right away!

Container Traders is the leading seller of shipping containers in Australia. We know how important it is to be confident in your shipping containers because they have a big job to do. You do not want to be concerned about whether or not your items are safe or your warehouse or trucks are secure when they have a Container Trader shipping container. Our containers were built to last the toughest conditions and carry the heaviest of loads. They will keep your items safe and protected during shipping or storage. You receive high quality at incredible prices at Container Traders! If you are looking for a versatile and durable shipping container to help ship and store bulky items, contact us today!

Dimensions and Sizing

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