New 20 Foot – General Purpose Side Open For Sale

20′ Side Opening General Purpose Containers are a cost effective storage option for many industrial businesses and companies across Australia. Container Traders provide side opening units Australia wide. These are often used for storing pallets or heavy equipment. They feature full bi-fold side doors, with double container doors in the rear end wall. These are the perfect storage solution for anyone requiring full access from the side – or with odd shaped parts requiring a weatherproof and safe storage.

Side Opening Shipping Containe 20ft side open

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Accessing your Storage from the side

Need to pallet load and unload your goods? Have you got something wider than 2400mm to get into your container? Or do you just like the flexability of gaining access to your goods from the conventional container doors and the side doors? Side Opening containers shipping are convenient ways to ship and store your items. Shipping containers were originally created to transport goods and cargo by land and sea. They are heavy duty, weather resistant and extremely resilient. But as general purpose shipping containers have become more popular among the general public, the shipping industry have started modifying containers to make it easier to access your items. One of these modifications was the addition of side doors to make it easier for loading, unloading and accessing your items. The side opening shipping containers are very versatile and make it easy to get quick access to your items or to load them more quickly and easily.  Container Traders sell quality 20’ general purpose side opening shipping containers designed to make your shipping and storage easier and more convenient. Side opening containers can be used for any reason and the ease of loading making great for personal or professional use. Our 20’ general purpose shipping containers can help you ship and your items conveniently and easily!

General purpose shipping containers are so useful. They can handle any number of items or many different sizes and will protect your items and goods through long transport or long-term storage. Side opening shipping containers make shipping containers even easier to use. As the name indicates, side opening shipping containers open from the long side of the container. This allows for easier access as you can open one entire side of the shipping containers outwards with two doors. This allows you to load wide items and can make loading and unloading easy! These general purpose containers will withstand the toughest and longest of shipping and storage needs. They will keep your items safe and protected and have the added convenience of easy loading and unloading.

Side Opening Containers provide Additional Space

Side opening shipping containers are helpful in a number of situations. For example, if you have stacked boxes or crates with a forklift into your container, you will be able to do so with more ease through a side opening shipping container. Of course, it is important to note that with side opening container you need to have extra space outside of the shipping container to accommodate opening both doors.

Container Traders sells durable, convenient and quality open side shipping containers. Made of solid steel and reliable flooring, the side opening shipping containers have two side doors which open outwards to allow for easy access to your goods. Like our many other products, our 20’ open side shipping containers are weather resistant, will keep humidity, water and vermin out. The side opening shipping containers also come with handy tie-backs to use when the container doors are open to prevent accidental closings. Our open side shipping containers are just as secure and durable as our traditional general purpose shipping containers but they have the added ease and useful option of fast loading and unloading. Even with open side doors, you will be able to be confident in the safety and security of your shipping containers.

Homeowners and business owners alike love using our handy side opening shipping containers because they so versatile and allow for easy access. With the ideal 20’ shipping container size, you have just enough room to store and ship exactly what you need without having to deal with the hassle of a huge shipping container to manage. The 20’ shipping container is very easy to use and fits nicely in small or tight spaces. You can enjoy space as well as convenience with the 20’ general purpose side opening containers. They are portable and spacious, making them the best of both worlds if you are using the container for either shipping or storage or both! And with the extra convenience of side opening doors, this shipping container is truly one of the easiest to use!

General purpose shipping containers are used for a variety of reasons. Sometimes they are used by individuals for shipping or storing their personal items if they are spending time traveling, working abroad, going through a move, home renovation or simply need extra space. Often businesses will use general purpose shipping containers for extra work space, to ship new products, deliver items to vendors or customers or store extra materials, documents and other business-related materials. Or industrial companies use shipping containers for shipping machinery, tools, work-related options or for extra storage space on construction or job sites. The general purpose shipping containers are truly versatile and useful in almost every situation! Additionally, they are built too last. You can use your general open side opening shipping container for years and over and over! The side opening just makes everything easier for quicker load in, easy access to grab your stored items and more convenience for adding to your storage.

Container Traders sells durable, quality Open Side Shipping Containers.

Homeowners will use side opening shipping containers because they allow for easier access to stored goods. Many homeowners will use their side opening shipping containers as their tool shed or storage space and when they need to retrieve something from it, they can very easily open a door and grab what they need without packing and unpacking their container every time. If you need something for long-term storage but will still need access to your items, the 20’ general purpose open side shipping containers are ideal for your situation! You can create extra space, store many items and still be able to get what you need as frequently and easily as you need!  The side opening containers provide a secure, study and convenient way to store and organize your home items when you need to create space!

But side opening shipping containers are not just useful for individuals. Many business owners use side opening shipping containers to easily access their stored items or allow for easy access when they are shipping their products. Side opening shipping containers are also often used as kiosks during special events, trade shows, festivals. They are so handy for storing and shipping, opening up and easily displaying your products or wares. Whether you need a side opening shipping container to store an excess of materials, showcase your products or ship items to a customer so they can easily access it, you will find our 20’ side opening shipping containers very convenient and easy to use.

Industrial businesses utilising Open Side Shipping Containers

Many large companies use side opening shipping containers in warehouses to hold large amounts of cartons and boxes. With side opening shipping containers, it is easy to load in cartons and boxes with forklifts for fast and efficient storage space. The side opening shipping containers are heavy duty, strong and secure. You can stack them on top of one another to create extra space and store even more items in factory or warehouse.

The innovative general purpose side opening shipping containers can be altered and modified for many other interesting uses as well as the standard personal and business use! For example, many retailers use side opening shipping containers as pop-up retail shops, food carts, coffee shops, art galleries and many more unique uses! No matter what they are acting as, general purpose side opening shipping containers are strong and secure.

Container Traders supply all types and sizes of Shipping Containers

Container Traders provides the newest side opening shipping containers available on the market. The shipping industry is constantly innovating its offerings and with Container Traders, you know you are getting the newest general purpose side opening shipping containers with latest features, security features and benefits to it. Each of our shipping containers provide you safety and protection no matter how you choose to your use side opening shipping container. Portable, easy to transport, easy to access, useful, resilient and safe, you will have everything you need with this one shipping container! As shipping containers become more innovative and unique, you can trust Container Traders to always offer the latest and greatest shipping containers on the market!

At Container Traders, we strive to make shipping and storage extremely convenient, easy and safe. Our shipping experts will be able to help you determine what type of shipping container and why side you may need. Each of our shipping containers is made to Australian standards and comes with the trusted strength and security Container Traders have become known for! With fast and efficient delivery, your new shipping container can be at your home or office quickly and you will be able to begin creating extra space, getting organized or innovating new ways to use your shipping container!

If you are looking for a brand new durable side opening shipping container that has the latest security features, is easy to use and transport and will last for years, contact our excellent customer service reps at Container Traders today and begin the ease and stress-free process of shipping and storing with a Containers Traders shipping container!

Dimensions and Sizing

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