20ft Used Both Side Opening General Purpose Shipping Containers

party in a side open container

Used 20ft Both Side Opening General Purpose Shipping Containers for Sale

20ft Both Side Opening General Purpose Shipping Containers have a level of practicality that is difficult to beat. Take the flexibility offered by side opening containers and double it – these containers feature full length bi-fold side doors on both lengths of the shipping container, providing complete access to your goods, and an impressively functional loading/unloading space. The ability to completely open both sides of the container results in highly efficient access, increasing productivity whenever they are used. Side opening containers are highly popular industry innovations with suitability for a huge range of uses. Container Traders stock a wide variety of used side opening containers right across Australia. Get in touch with the friendly team to get more information and discuss a quote today.

When to Use a 20ft Both Side Opening General Purpose Shipping Container

20ft Both Side Opening Containers come in handy in a range of scenarios. When you tend to load and unload containers regularly, or you use a forklift to pack goods into the container, perhaps in a factory or warehouse, the side opening containers offer a level of practicality that is highly beneficial. The wide access point makes it incredibly easy to stack goods inside, or access goods with ease when you need them. Increasingly, shipping containers are being used for innovative and alternative purposes. When modifying shipping containers for residential or retail use, most customers will tend to remove walls in favour of doors and windows. Depending on individual selections, this can become reasonably costly. When you purchase a used both side opening container, you essentially have a blank canvas that is ready for conversion. Maybe you want to design and construct a pop up retail or café space, or need a spacious and open plan base for a residential conversion – either way, with both side opening potential, the container is ready for your additions without requiring serious construction work.

Build and Benefits of 20ft Both Side Opening General Purpose Shipping Containers

Like all the containers at Container Traders, the 20ft Both Side Opening Containers are constructed from the highest quality materials and boast impressive strength and security. When the side doors are closed, these containers are weatherproof, wind proof and vermin proof, so whatever you choose to store in your container will be safe, secure and protected for the duration of its life. Furthermore, the side doors and end doors are fitted with lockboxes as standard, allowing you to secure your goods inside and providing you with peace of mind that the contents will remain safe when the container is not in use.