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You need a specialised shipping containers?

Do you need a specialised shipping containers? Container Traders have large stock volumes of equipment available in most of Australia’s capital cities.

If you need a flat rack container, our team are sure to find a suitable container for your application.

Flat Racks are the most economical and safest way to ship extremely large and oversized items. The shipping container industry has evolved so much that you really can ship anything you need to thanks to the new innovations. The flat rack shipping container is an example of how innovative the shipping container industry has become. Flat rack shipping containers

are composed of a very strong base and have either fixed ends or fold able ends but do not have a roof. There are three different types of flat racks: fixed end flat racks, collapsible end flat racks and bolsters. Flat racks are ideal for transporting items that need support but can be open to the elements. Fixed end flat rack shipping containers have a floor and two fixed end walls but no side walls. They are most often used for wide loads. Container Traders sells 20’ fixed end flat rack shipping containers at affordable prices.

The 20’ fixed end flat rack shipping containers from Container Traders are made of strong Corten steel and have either a steel or wooden floor. They have two fixed end walls and the cargo can be secured because of these walls. Like a general purpose shipping container, the fixed flat racks can be stacked on top of one another easily and securely. Fixed end flat rack shipping containers can not protect your items from the weather or animals but they will keep your items safe during transportation or shipping. The fixed flat rack shipping containers endure the crane, forklifts or any bumps during shipment and keep your contents protected and secure.

Flat rack containers are the solution to your biggest shipping problems. They were created to ship the biggest, widest, heaviest and most oddly shaped items. Before flat racks, there were some items that could never fit into a shipping container and therefore, could not be moved easily and efficiently. You can use a fixed flat rack shipping container to move items that do not fit into a general purpose or open top shipping container. Fixed end flat rack shipping containers can ship items like construction materials, cars and vehicles, boats or yachts, machinery and large pieces of wood or metal. The important thing to remember when shipping anything in a fixed end flat rack shipping container is that there is no roof or top to a flat rack so anything shipped in a fixed end flat rack shipping container will be exposed to the elements.

Multi Uses

The construction, mining and industrial shipping or moving companies usually use fixed end flat racks to transport large and heavy items. Fixed end flat rack shipping containers ship items like oversized cables, metal sheets, steel coils, wood, machinery or industrial parts. Flat rack shipping containers can carry an enormous amount of weight. They offer a high loading capacity which allows heavy weight to be stacked in a small area. They are extremely sturdy and durable and perfect for heavy items.

20’ fixed flat rack shipping containers are excellent for shipping tall and wide items. They have no side walls so they can oversized wide items that do not fit inside of a general purpose shipping container or open top shipping container. Oversized sheets of metal or wood for construction jobs are often shipped in fixed flat rack shipping containers. Anything can handle water, wind, animals or insects can be shipped in a fixed flat rack shipping container. Fixed flat rack shipping containers are also popular for moving vehicles or boats, especially yachts since those tend to be very wide and oversized. This can be helpful when you have a cross country move and have multiple vehicles or if you are moving internationally.

Easy Transport and Stack-able

Fixed end flat rack shipping containers can be stacked on top of each other which allows you to transport more items with a small amount of space. You may need to ship more than one flat rack shipping containers of goods. You are easily able to do so on the same truck, train or ship by packing each flat rack and then stacking them on top of each other and securing them. This is especially easy to do in a fixed end flat rack shipping container when the load is wider as opposed to taller. This can help you maximise space on your truck or transport. If you often have to ship many different cargo loads, you may want to look into purchasing fixed end flat rack shipping containers in bulk so that you cans stack them and easily transport your items wherever they need to go. This can be ideal if you are constantly clearing debris, shipping items back and forth between job sites or are a moving company who specialises in moving vehicles.

Strong Manufacture

Container Traders only offers the strongest and most resilient shipping containers. The fixed end flat rack shipping containers available at Container Traders are incredibly durable and strong. They were designed to easily hold the heaviest of items. Our 20’ fixed flat rack shipping containers are built with strong Corten steel and will carry the heaviest items you have. You can trust you are investing in quality shipping container from Container Traders. We maintain all of our shipping containers with excellent care and ensure they arrive at your door in perfect condition. You will never need to worry about what to do with extra large and bulky items ever again when you have a fixed end flat rack shipping container from Container Traders!

A1 Customer Service

You need a reliable shipping container for your big, tall, wide and heavy items. That’s why you need to go with the shipping container company you can trust, Container Traders. The team at Container Traders are experts in the shipping business. We know everything there is to know about shipping containers and we will be able to help you find the best shipping container for your business. There are many different shipping containers available to you today. Do you know which one you need for your business? You may need an open top shipping container but you may need a flat rack shipping container. You may not know if you need a fixed end flat rack shipping container or a bolster shipping container. With so many options, you need to ensure you choose the right one! Our team will asses your shipping needs with you and present you with the best option for your needs and your business. Container Traders has a wide selection of shipping containers. We offer every type and every size and so there is no doubt you will be able to find the perfect shipping container. All of our containers are made of the same high quality steel and have the latest features. They were made to last and will be able to keep your items secure and protected, no matter what you need a shipping container for! After you have purchased shipping container, you can take advantage of our fast and efficient delivery service! Container Traders has locations all over the country and we will be able to easily get your shipping container to you, wherever you are located! Allow our friendly delivery team to deliver your new shipping container directly to your home, office or worksite and set it up exactly where you need it to be! From the moment you first step into Container Traders until your container is ready to be packed or shipped, you will be taken care of by our team and we will be with you every step of the way! For high quality and excellent service, turn to Container Traders.

Freight Anything- Anywhere- Anytime

Shipping large items can be a stressful time. It does not matter if you are trying to ship a yacht to the coast or maneuver a bulldozer from one construction site to the next; figuring out how to move large and heavy items no longer needs to be stressful! At Container Traders we want to make storage and shipment easy and convenient for you. You will not have to worry about your items when they are being shipped or stored in a heavy duty Container Traders shipping container. We are able to provide the best containers in the business at the best prices. All of our shipping containers are excellent maintained and we have a wide range of prices that will be able to fit your business. Our friendly team of experts will be able to assist you in the purchasing process and then we’ll deliver your shipping container straight to you door.

Shipping big items just got easier with Container Traders. If you are looking for a strong fixed end flat rack shipping container that will handle the biggest of items and is affordable to you, you have found it at Container Traders. Contact one of our friendly sales representatives today to learn more about the different options we have and how we can help you being shipping and storing your items right away! We make shipping and storing a stress-free and easy time with our sturdy shipping containers!

Dimensions and Sizing

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