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Are shipping containers sheds cheaper than a traditional shed?

Are shipping containers sheds cheaper than a traditional shed?

Yes Container Shed is cheaper than a traditional Shed, For the securability and size there is no question that a shipping container shed is cheaper than a normal shed. It lasts longer, will survives being moved and comes in a big range of sizes. If you combine shiiping containers with dome shelters then the price per square footage is even greater.

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Shipping Container Shelters

  • What can I use a shipping container shelter for?

    Shipping Container shelters can be used to create a covered and protected space between two shipping containers. The combination of the shelter and the containers provides a complete solution of secure storage and a large protected area.

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  • How are the shelters assembled?

    Shipping container shelters are traditionally constructed using two (or more) traditional shipping containers that are used to anchor a larger, fabric dome or metal shed shelter. The shelter is fastened to the roof of the containers and, depending on which size you’ve selected, can be simply bolted on or welded to the top rail securely.

    Full installation instructions for your container shelter will be provided. Constructing your Container Shelter is a process we have simplified for to ensure the fastest and easiest installation takes place on your site. Depending on the level of help you have, shipping container shelters can be set up in less than a day. If you require assistance in assembling your contianer shelter you may wish to engage a local tradesperson.

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  • Are container shelters permanent?

    Shipping container shelters are completely relocatable. Particularly when bolted rather than welded, the shelters can be easily removed and relocated to new locations as desired. Leave them in place for as long as required or relocate when needed – it’s totally up to you..

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  • Can I get accessories for the shelter?

    Yes, we have accessories for you to customise your shipping container shelter to suit your needs. You can choose for a partial end wall (for dome shelters), full end wall (for all shelters), colorbond colour selection (for rural shelters) and guttering (for rural shelters).

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  • How do I prepare to set up the shelter?

    The most important step is to ensure that your shipping containers are on a suitable level surface, with the required spacing gap to fit the container shelter. Our helpful staff can advise you of the requirements and if your shelter will require foundation anchorage or ballast weight so you can prepare your container area. 

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  • How high can shipping container shelters be?

    Using standard height shipping containers, our express range container shelter domes are up to 7 metres high. you can increase the height of shelters by having high cube shipping containers or stacking containers on top of each other. Our knowledgeable staff can advise if this is a suitable option for your selected shelter.

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  • Are shipping containers sheds cheaper than a traditional shed?

    Yes, For the securability and size there is no question that a shipping container shed is cheaper than a normal shed.

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