Lunch Rooms

An essential and easy meal option

Your staff members need a proper place to take their breaks and eat their meals. As an employer you also need a practical way of serving staff members’ meals if it’s part of your responsibilities. Or perhaps you simply need to supply the basic appliances in order for staff members to have a secure space where they can prepare or heat their food. Whatever your responsibilities & requirements are, finding the time to do this is always a challenge. Luckily there’s an easy answer in the form of portable containers turned into lunch rooms.

Create exactly what you need

You’re not limited in any way if you acquire a container lunch room. Firstly you don’t have to buy a container if your need for it is short term. Many companies rent lunch rooms to businesses for long or short term so you can have one for as long as you need it. Secondly you can customise a container—or even put two together if needed—into exactly what your requirements stipulate. How many people need space and what features do they need?

Put it wherever it’s needed

Apart from creating exactly what you need, you can also move it to where your staff members need it. The unit can be placed in different spots on a site or even transported to a new location if your business moves around a lot. This is ideal for building projects. You can now be assured of a secure and practical lunch room option wherever you need it!

Loads of features

Lunch rooms are essential for you to create a happy work force and can even be applied for other uses if need be. Training or meetings can take place inside because there’s enough space and with the correct features it can work to your advantage so you don’t have to create these areas in another building. Therefore this space is a huge benefit to your company’s functioning. Include the following in your design to get the most out of it:

  • Lights and electrical: If kitchen appliances and maybe even computers are going to be used inside your lunch room, you need to connect it to a power source. Lights will ensure a happy atmosphere even at night or during rainy days.
  • Kitchen & plumbing: You want to make it easy as possible for staff members to use the space. A sink and bench will give them space to work and clean up after themselves and a plumbing system is needed.
  • Ventilation: Lunch—and also training and meeting times—should be taken in a comfortable environment. Prevent a stuffy atmosphere by installing air conditioning which can also counter extreme heat or cold.
  • Custom built: You can design your lunch room exactly as you want it. This means you can place doors and windows in places which make sense. It should be practical for your unique setup.
  • Safety aspects: Any workplace has certain safety guidelines. Make sure your lunch room complies with the necessary regulations. Safety equipment should be easily available for emergencies. This is vital if your lunch room is fitted out with electrical appliances or gas equipment such as a gas stove or heater.
  • Furniture: For lunch, meetings and training make sure your staff members can sit down and enjoy. Tables and chairs can be tied down when the unit is moved so nothing is damaged during transportation.

Variety of uses

Containers have revolutionised the usage of space on many sites. Lunch rooms are only one way of applying this secure structure in a dynamic way. It’s affordable and you can create whatever your company needs. It’s also inspiring to see where else lunch rooms make a difference to budgets and people’s comfort:

  • Municipal offices can use this for training but also to assist communities in need. If emergencies create a need for a kitchen or a place to feed people who lost everything, a container is the ideal resolution.
  • During events which are held for long or short term periods, workers and volunteers can use a lunch room during their breaks. It can easily be taken away when the event has ended.
  • Containers can even add a bit of luxury if you’re planning on camping. In mobile camps these lunch rooms can make meal times a bit easier to manage because it has all the appliances you need.

As you can see, the options for using a lunch room are endless. So get yourself a shipping container and start customising it today!