Ablution Unit

Ablution On-The-Go

Ablution containers allow you the ease of adding toilet, shower and washing facilities to a site. While ablution containers are extensively used by the construction industry to provide their workers with bathroom facilities when they work on site, they are also utilized across other sectors.

Portable ablution facilities are ideal for high-traffic events, for example for use during sporting events, festivals, conferences, fairs and exhibitions. The portability and functionality offered by such containers allow the ease of manipulation. They can be picked and put anywhere. And the modular nature of units allows them to be attached in different formations to serve a diverse number of people and needs.

Container Traders provides you with excellent Ablution containers that can be customized according to your needs with added urinals, toilets, washbasins, showers and hot and cold water facilities. We also offer ablution units in premium finishing, to cater to VIP events.

ablution container

Types of Ablution Containers

Ablution containers differ according to the nature of their fittings, and the system of waste and water generation. Container traders offer two main types of Ablution Containers:

    Self-contained ablution blocks contain their waste within the container structure, while also containing black and grey water. Self-contained ablutions do not need any external waste tank connection however periodic waste removal services are needed for such containers. Container Traders brings you designs which are easy to maintain, service, and install.
    Sewer connected blocks need an onsite sewer connection to function. While the portability and versatility is limited in these designs, such containers are ideal for sites where you have an easy access to a sewer point.
    • Modular Toilet Units
    • Modular Shower Units
    • Modular Washing Units with Washbasins and Geysers

ablution container

What Makes Our Ablution Containers Different?

Our containers are made up of Galvanized high grade steel and utilize the best interior and exterior fittings. Our Ablution blocks are rust proof, sturdy enough to handle a large traffic, and durable for all sorts of weather. They are also roomier than other containers and very easy to put together. In addition to this, high-end technology ensures hygienic waste-storage and removal systems, along with a sanitized interior.

ablution container


Some of the prominent features of our ablution containers are the following:

  • Modular units which can be attached to form combinations of Male or Female washrooms
  • Low step access to prevent falls
  • Toilets cubicles come with well-design doors
  • Hot & cold water
  • Waterless and chemical toilets are also available
  • Steels windows, air vents and rain gutters included in design
  • Urinals, toilets and washbasins with hot and cold water
  • Lights, conduits and wiring included
  • Show cubicles provide privacy with partition walls or shower curtains
  • Rubber coated floors to increase longevity of the containers
  • Quality locks ensure safety


If you want to customize your ablution blocks for some high-end events, Container Traders offers a range of add-on accessories which include:

  • Flooring
    Choose from vinyl or wooden flooring for an added exclusive touch.
  • Wall partitions
    Bigger ablution blocks can be converted into smaller units with add-on wall partitions. Add-on toilets can be put in with these walls to create extra cubicles.
  • Mirrors
    Add mirrors with your washbasins. Mirrors are available in different modular sizes and styles.
  • Air Vents
    Extra air vents allow greater hygienic standards. If you are increasing your ablution blocks by attaching more than 1 block together, extra air vents can be a helpful addition in these configurations.
  • Showers, Toilets and Washbasins
    Add-on extra showers, toilets and washbasin units are available to allow you to increase the size of you ablution blocks.