High Cube Shipping Containers

by Kathleen Donohoe

Shipping containers go by many names – sea containers, freight container, intermodal or cargo containers or even just steel boxes; but they only come in two standard heights – general purpose and high cube. A general purpose container stands externally at 2.592m – or 8 ft 5 in. With a high cube – you get an entire extra foot of head room, as they are 2.896m or 9 ft 5 in externally. Internally, the ‘GP’ is 2.392m ( 7ft 8in); and the High Cube is 2.698m ( 8ft 9in) – and a great advantage to a high cube is that they are one of the most commonly made shipping containers in the world, so you are guaranteed to gets yours quickly!


When you’re deciding on which container best suits you to purchase or hire, the extra height of a high cube gives you more options for your container itself, as well as more room – and is a height option in many different types of containers, like refrigerated containers, side opening containers, dangerous goods containers and open top containers, just to name a few. They still have all the excellent benefits of any shipping container, like solid steel construction, timber flooring and secure double doors, but they can also offer advantages for storage, accomodation and working situations.


Storage – when you use a shipping container for storage, you want the best size-for-money you can get, and high cube will definitely put you on the right track! With the extra room inside the container, you are able to store almost any sort of object, especially oddly shaped pieces, like large floor lamps, coat racks, or large mattresses with ease, and still have plenty of room for your other items. Storing isn’t just for home furniture, but documents and specialty shelving can benefit from extra height for ease of access, especially if you need to access the stored items often.

Living or Working spaces – if you are looking to make your shipping container into some sort of accomodation, office space or workshop, the chances are you, or another person, will need to be in and out of the shipping container often. The extra height of a high cube definitely improves not only ease of access for the container, but also make the container into more of a comfortable and homely space, which in turn can improve productivity and general well being. Why not also check out the range of modifications and accessories that can improve this, by clicking here.


A high cube is a great way to increase your storage or living space without encroaching on existing land – and if you would like to find out more, head to our website’s high cube info section here, or give Container Traders a ring on 1300 89 89 70 today!