Delivering your Container

by Kathleen Donohoe


When you have decided on the perfect container for your needs, you need to have a location in mind for delivery. Once the site for delivery has been established and levelled if needed, the Container Trader team will help you to assess the most suitable and cost-effective mode of transport for your site.

The most common forms of transport you will find to deliver your container are either a tilt tray delivery or a side loader delivery, and the choice will depend on a few factors, including your site, your budget and the type of container purchased.

sideloader300wSide Loader Delivery

A side loader is a semi-trailer which uses a swing lift at either end of the trailer or tray to pick up the cargo, and uses the strong corner casts on the container to offload.

This method of delivery is particularly useful when there is limited space in front of, or behind the truck.

Mostly used for 40’ container deliveries, side loaders can also deliver 20’ containers to your site.

tilttray300wTilt Tray Delivery

The most common transport method for 10’ and 20’ containers (but we can also accommodate 40’ containers!), the tilt tray trucks requires plenty of space in front of the container to drop the container off.

The truck will start to tilt the tray when in the correct position, then secure the back corners of the container on the ground, before simultaneously tilting the tray some more and driving forward.

If you’re interested in learning more about the trucks or delivery options (such as height and width clearances) that the Container Traders can offer you, head over to our Delivery page here.