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Why Shipping Containers are the best storage solution

by Container Traders

Why Shipping Containers are the best storage solution Why Shipping Containers are the best storage solution

One of the main benefits of storage in a shipping container is the layouts available, and the flexibility to change these layouts however you feel, depending on your equipment or needs. For example, if you a storing general household items for a move etc, you wouldn’t necessarily need any shelving as the items would be large and can be stacked on top of each other.

However, another option for layouts could be shelving down the sides of the container, and a space in between to store more items; or shelving all throughout the container, with smaller walkways in between. This is particularly a good idea when it comes to storing large amounts of filing or paperwork, as it’s even more easily accessible and off the floor – so no chance of damage.

The options inside a shipping container to modify it to suit your needs are endless. From having just a large empty space, you could also install shelving; or hooks on the walls if you require hanging space – or even hooks from the ceiling, like a butcher or meat distributor needs. A refrigerated container would come in even handier in this instance, as it would allow the distributor to move or deliver the meat without spoilage or damage, as they are kept at a controlled temperature.

The list is near endless, as shipping container are so versatile they can be modified to any product that is required. They’re also flexible with the options of what to do with the container. A storage company will mean that your goods are stored in one location, which is generally not close to you. The distance to your items can be easily fixed by using a container for storage, and lodging it in your own backyard. This ease of access can especially come in handy if you are storing valuables, or equipment needed for someone working from home. And if you decide to move on with a shipping container, you can quickly and cheaply call up a trucking company to pick it up and move it for you.

In the long term, buying a container will definitely be more affordable than a storage company, as there are no long-term fees – and once you buy it, it’s yours and you can modify it however you feel will suit, with shelving, hooks, cut-outs or more traditional modifications such as ventilation, whirlybirds, electrical fit outs, windows, doors, floors, insulation, or painting. Any of these options can enhance your storage needs, and add value to your container, if you’re planning to resell on after you’ve finished with your storage needs.

The advantages of a shipping container are endless, especially when it comes to the subject of storage. If you’re still unsure on exactly what you may need in regard to storage options, why not ring the Container Traders on 1300 89 89 70 to have one of the insightful team help you.

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