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Which door is best? (For a shipping container)

by Container Traders

Which door is best? (For a shipping container) Which door is best? (For a shipping container)

While not entirely necessary for a storage container, adding an extra entry point into your container can benefit you whether you’re using your container for storage, or converting it into a site office. And while it seems simple – add in a door here please – there are a few different types of doors to choose from.

Additional Double Doors & Side Opening Doors

The largest initial investment, adding in side opening doors or additional double doors will benefit you long term for a myriad of applications. Shipping containers always come with one set of double doors, which generally force you to use the container in a certain way – ensuring you only enter and leave the container in one spot. However, if you need to access the items inside the container where you might consistently be blocked on either end by materials or other vehicles, additional double doors are definitely the way to go. They also will come in handy if you have odd shaped or particularly long objects to store inside the container – and remember, you can add these doors in the opposite end of the container, or even on the side. The versatility of these containers make them great for use in the mining or construction industry, where unloading or loading costs time and money if not processed smoothly. Having the doors at both ends ensures the container can be stored or transported anywhere, with minimal fuss. Side opening doors are just as versatile – and can be used in similar ways, with the option of having one side opening on the container, or both.

Roller Doors

A roller door is a metal door made of horizontal slats hinged together to make the door flexible enough to roll up. Often used in home garages, they create an entry way with extra space inside the container, as you don’t have to keep space free for a swinging door – and they are sometimes easier to open than a containers traditional end doors. Adding in a remote control to easily open and close the door can save you energy and time in the long run – especially if you want the roller door for vehicle access. They are quite versatile – made in standard or custom sizes, they can be installed anywhere, to the ends or the sides of the container. Being steel themselves, they are just as safe and secure as regular double doors, with their own locking mechanisms. And they’re not just for vehicle entry – smaller roller doors are often installed as a canteen or shop serving point!

Personal Access Doors

Generally measuring 2040mm x 820mm, a personal access door is similar to your standard house doors, albeit made from steel. Used primarily for human access, these doors are simple and easy to have installed at a low cost point, and are often seen in containers used for workshops, site offices, home offices, storage containers, bathrooms, accomodation containers, and most containers that have been modified for these uses. They’re easy to open and safe, with many lock options, durable and can be installed to open both inside or out (or both), so you don’t lose space inside. There are accessories within accessories with personal access doors – you can choose colours, materials and security options but also extra luxuries like overhead drip ledges or awnings to protect you, your staff or your customers!

There are even more options for access that we haven’t mentioned above – such as glass doors, sliding doors, and even specialised doors that swing up or down on hydraulics. See more on our available modifications & accessories. Are you looking  to maximise your container space or add in an extra entry point? Call Container Traders on 1300 89 89 70 and the friendly team can help you to organise one today!

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