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What’s in a Site Office Container?

by Container Traders

What’s in a Site Office Container? What’s in a Site Office Container?

A shipping container’s versatility and ability to be modified means it can look right at home on any work site, in a stylish setting or even your own backyard. It’s because of this, and also the ease with which you can deliver, transport and remove a container that makes it perfect for a site office. And it can all be created with relative inexpensiveness, because they’re the perfect pre-made structure - which will fit into to any business budget, whether it is expanding or already established!

The beauty of a site office is you can add in as many modifications and accessories as you need and/or want, depending on appearance, use and budget. A traditional on-site work office on a building site for instance, does not generally need the extras that you may want in a backyard comfortable home office.

One of the first things to establish when considering a shipping container site office is the plan. By effectively planning what you want inside the container, and what you may need, you are going to end up with the correct type of office for your business, and within your budget. A simple list will suffice, however here are a few ideas in 3D - these are great to look at for inspiration! layouts

Once you know what the primary use will be for the office you will be able to accurately judge what you'll need - for instance, will it be a workspace for one or more people who need to have individual space? Or will it be used as a meeting room - or both? The interior and exterior of the shipping container also need considering. Will the outside view of the container be updated with modifications like painting or advertising, or can it be left to look like a regular shipping container? The importance of this will vary depending on appearance and budget, and personal preference.  

The interior of an office has many options - and the more accessories you choose to add in, will generally mean more style and comfort for the container. For instance, glass sliding doors can be slightly more expensive than regular personal access doors to create and install, but add a certain stylish aspect to the container appearance that it wouldn’t have had previously, to help create a more welcoming front door, serve as a reception area or an impressive meeting room on site.

Some other accessories to look at include an extra partition and entry door just within the regular container doors so you can still use the regular end doors for extra security; insulation to help with heating or cooling the container, and additionally a heater or air-conditioner; extras like tv’s, screens, and power points that need electrical fit outs completed; shelving for storage or filing; and desk areas, either in built into the sides of the container, or added as furniture after completion.

And don’t forget, if you need any extra information or help creating your own site office, call the experienced team on 1300 89 89 70 today!

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