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Using a Shipping Container to Move House

by Container Traders

Using a Shipping Container to Move House Using a Shipping Container to Move House

Moving is easily one of the most stressful times of your life, but there is an easy fix – using a shipping container. Known as Self Pack Removals, or a Freight Move to some, its a stress-free way to save up to 50% on traditional removalists costs, move on your own schedule and increase security for your belongings. Simply order the container, load it, we move it, you unload it!

With utmost control and moving at your own pace, you can move your house (or business!) with full flexibility. Choose the container size you want, depending on what you need to pack. A 20 ft shipping container will generally fit a 3 bedroom house contents inside it, whereas the next size up, a 40 ft container, will fit 5 or more bedrooms. The best way to completely decide on the size of a container is to speak to the container specialist when you order and use their advice, taking into consideration any extra items you may want to pack and the pricing given.

The process to order a container is really as simple as these six easy steps:

1. Order the Container

If you call Container Traders, the container specialist you order with will give you all the details and get all yours too. You can book in as much or as little as you want at this point, from just the pick up point to both the pick up and drop off times. We work with you to create the easiest move possible.

2. You pack the Container

At your own pace, pack the container full of all your belongings, in your own way. If you need help figuring out the best way to store items in a shipping container, check out the post here.

3. Container moved to new Location

Once the container is all packed up and loaded, simply give us a ring and we’ll organise to have the container picked up and delivered to the new location. Remember – if you need more time to pack, or haven’t quite figured out the final destination yet, you can just keep the container for a little longer!

4. You Unpack the Container

The shipping container will be waiting for you out the front of your new house, and you can start unloading whenever you want! The flexibility of a Self-Pack Removal gives you as much time as you need to unpack, and you can do this any time you like with the container so close.

5. Then the Container’s picked up and taken away!

Once you’ve used the container for your move – you have two choices. You can buy the container and keep it for storage in the foreseeable future, or you can ring us, and we will come take the empty container back, ending your move!

So, for you to save money and have the most flexibility on your move, call Container Traders today on 1300 89 89 70 and ask them how to book in your container!

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