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Temporary Storage with Shipping Containers

by Container Traders

image1 Temporary Storage with Shipping Containers

Shipping containers are used all around the world, every day, for many different uses - and they can be modified to be used in every other way, but the main reason most people and businesses buy or hire a container is for storage. Long term or short term, shipping containers are perfect for storage. The materials they’re made out of - the solid steel construction of the walls & doors, combined with sturdy wood flooring work in the best possible way for any type of material you need to store, from larger furniture items to reams of paperwork. Not only this, but containers are so efficient and cost effective for their size, with either the option to buy or hire you can easy find the best storage option for a price that wont break your budget. And with most customers, this is the the most important feature! 


Whether you’re looking for a simple on site storage for old furniture or house paperwork on your farm or in your backyard; or stock storage space for your business, you will find a shipping container to suit your needs, and at the price you need, with reduced risk! Every business needs reduced risk, and especially so with those who require seasonal stock storage, archiving, extra inventory or promotional materials. Retail stores including big fashion enterprises are jumping on the container storage trend as the easiest way to pack and unpack when staff are available, without paying extra for after hours wages, then shipping the items needed between their stores by truck or rail, quickly and cheaply.


Whether the shipping container is used for a workspace, or for storage, the one thing all applications have in common is how they can be easily customised to create a space that is exactly what you require - from an empty space with shelving to an entire office fit out with electricity, furniture, air conditioning, shelving, windows, personal access doors, sliding doors and plumbing; the possibilities are endless. And the best thing about all the customising options that are out there, is that they are all significantly less expensive that using traditional building methods!

So if you need a 10ft, 20ft or 40ft shipping container for storage in your business or at home, call 1300 89 89 70 and talk to Container Traders to have one organised today!

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