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Switchroom Containers: What are they?

by Container Traders

Switchroom Containers: What are they? Switchroom Containers: What are they?

Also known as a control room, a switch room basically operates an entire electrical area or job site. A switch room generally needs to be custom built to suit the needs of the business, or the electrical equipment that it needs to run - and they often need to be on site, and be in a controlled temperature environment. Which is where shipping containers come in! With containers being so easily transportable, they can be modified instantly off-site, then brought in when needed, moved around and relocated to another site if thats the case. Moving them around is simple and easy, by truck, rail or sea, so they can be moved to another Australian town or overseas. One of the most vital requirements for a switch room is the temperature control - another aspect a shipping container room makes easy. As a container can have installed air conditioning, heating, extra insulation, air vents, whirly birds or ventilation systems, you can always find a way to maximise your air circulation and control the temperatures inside. Not only this, but the extra modifications that a container can provide so simply, like windows, roller doors or personal access doors give you extra time and space to make any changes needed inside the container and provide extra entry and exit points.

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There are so many standard container modifications or accessories which blend to the purpose of a switch room, and security is usually key. The solid steel construction of a shipping container already lends itself to ensuring all electrical devices are protected, and for extra security on the doors, a lockbox is the answer! Why not customise the exterior of the container too - don’t waste prime marketing space, and have your container painted with contact details or a logo. And don’t forget, Container Traders can  deliver one anywhere - even to remote areas like mining sites, building site, power plants, construction site, power plants, and army bases.

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