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Storing Chemicals in Containers

by Container Traders

dg chemicals container Storing Chemicals in Containers

When you have to store or transport a dangerous, explosive, toxic and otherwise unfriendly gas, liquid, solid or chemicals, what do you do? Take up Container Traders Dangerous Goods containers of course! Conveniently available in 10’ and 20’ sizes, the 20’ containers also come with the option of a side opening door, so you can access the entire internal contents quickly and easily. This also comes in handy when you’re delivering to different mine sites and are unsure of which side you’ll have access to!

dg chemicals container

But how to store chemicals?

Built to Australian Standards, these containers can store all kinds of hazmat, nitro, sulphuric acid, acetones, chemical compounds and any other dangerous chemical you can think of! But how do you do store it? Well these handy containers come with a range of different modification options, not just special doors. In addition to the ventilation, and mesh flooring for easy cleaning, dangerous goods containers can also have windows, personal access doors, and custom painting so you can match the container to your business, or be a travelling advertisement with a simple logo and phone number. Not only this, but you can also get lockboxes for the ultimate security on the container and its contents - and the most useful modification for the dangerous goods containers, shelving. With the correct shelving, (which can be fully customised to your needs), you can have any sort of chemicals, bottles, jars, tubs or drums stored and transported in the container. Shelving can be steel or wood, and include handy options such as lips on the edges to prevent spillage, doors on the shelves to help keep items contained, or help to separately lock individual items away.

storing chemicals

So what are you storing? If it’s one of the above classes, you need to call Container Traders on 1300 89 89 70 today to organise a Dangerous Goods container today!

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