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Shipping Containers for Events

by Container Traders

events containers Shipping Containers for Events

When you need a portable, structurally sound base for a shop or stand at an event, the first thing you should consider is a shipping container! The basic setup of the strong container structure means it can be open to any kind of modification, and perfect to suit any event. Not only this - but buying or hiring, you can literally take a shipping container anywhere! 

events containers Becoming quite the festival trend, shipping containers can now house everything from pop up shops to catering spaces, information points to bars. No matter the use or need, there is a container for you. Most event containers have the general accessories, like personal access doors, windows and/or roller doors; but you could potentially fit out the container with anything that’s needed. Serving windows, any windows or doors, shelving, benches, lighting, heating, cooling, electricity, and plumbing are all available, and most needed in some form on an event site. 

events container

Invaluable Portability

But how do you get the container there? Well the beauty of a shipping container is their unique ability to be transported anywhere around Australia, easily. There are many options - from tilt tray truck, HIAB truck, Side-loader and train, and which one you need to use will depend on the budget, and the location of where the container needs to be. The flexibility of delivery - and pick up - means that you have a fully portable structure at you beck and call, for wherever it needs to be, as you can re use it again and again.

events container

Events and branding - onsite marketing

The most important aspect of using a shipping container for events though, is branding. A shipping container can be painted or customised to have your logo or company brand entirely plastered over every section - increasing visibility, and at highly populated events, this is promotion that money cant buy. The best bit? You can reuse this marketing again and again!

So call Container Traders today on 1300 89 89 70 to get your very own shipping container specially designed for events and festivals!

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