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Shipping Container or Stadium - Why Not Both?

by Container Traders

For the upcoming 2022 World Cup, Spanish architecture firm Fenwick Iribarren Architects have devised a genius plan to used shipping containers!

Shipping Container or Stadium - Why Not Both? Shipping Container or Stadium - Why Not Both?

Shipping Container Conversion on the Rise

The humble shipping container has no reason to be humble anymore. For the upcoming 2022 World Cup, Spanish architecture firm Fenwick Iribarren Architects have devised a genius plan to avoid the all too common, post-world-event run down. The proposed solution? You guessed it –.

After vast development of infrastructure for economic growth prior to and during major events, many cities struggle to repurpose stadiums and sporting arenas once large crowds subside. Often left in financial debt and with countless derelict venues, it seems wasteful to construct such state-of-the-art complexes for such short-sighted objectives. Not only does it negatively impact the local economy, but it negatively impacts the environment, with construction and maintenance utilising huge amounts of resources. This may be about to change with the design and impending development of the Ras Abu Aboud stadium in Doha, Qatar. The Ras Abu Aboud stadium in Doha is the first large-scale modular stadium in the world. Constructed, for the most part, using a multitude of converted shipping containers, the stadium’s designers say it will be quick and easy to assemble, and just as easy to dismantle. The good news is that this means the stadium can essentially be packed up and transported to a new location when it is no longer needed – saving both money and the environment. There will be no compromise on functionality or features, either, with concession stands, bathrooms and ticketing areas included within the container design. It truly is a win-win innovation (a ‘winnovation’, if you will) and we expect to see increasingly creative and transformative shipping container conversion ideas emerging in the coming years.

Ras Abu Aboud Shipping Container Stadium

Although this new stadium is a massive undertaking, seating over 40,000 spectators, the same idea can be achieved on a smaller scale, and locally! Here at Container Traders, we specialise in container conversion and have the means and experience to create an efficient and fully-functioning ‘stadium’ set-up for individuals, businesses, schools and sporting teams. With the inclusion of removable seats, canteen areas and bathrooms, our containers make the perfect, portable spectators area for temporary or semi-permanent use. We’ll handle the construction, just select your containers and modifications, adding plumbing, seating, lighting and more – or hire a pre-fabricated container for short term needs. The options are endless and it’s completely up to you. Fortunately, when you no longer need the container stadium it can be packed up and stored, shipped to a new location or sold to another user – this means no more unused, abandoned or run-down constructions! So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with the team at Container Traders today!


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