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Shipping Container Signage

by Container Traders

Shipping Container Signage Shipping Container Signage

Container signage is fast becoming the preferred large format advertising for so many – it’s durable, movable, and large enough to make the biggest impact for your brand. Able to withstand Australia’s harshest weather, using a shipping container for publicity also means you won’t overcapitalize on advertising.

Being able to promote in unusual places, and stacking the containers for height or configuring them in different ways makes shipping containers the ultimate branding tool, as signage that gets your potential customers attention instantly.

There are a few different options to putting signage up – from painting directly onto the container, using vinyl stickers, to banner mesh or PVC Vinyl. All available in custom sizing and pricing, depending on the printer and location, your final choice should take into consideration your target market, pricing and what you are trying to advertise.


A wide variety of Colour Bond paints colours are available for a base coat on the container, which Container Traders are happy to help you with.

You can also hire a designer or painter to give your container a modern edge with your logo, or phrase to advertise.


Vinyl stickers are versatile, easy to install and can be removed if needed. Great for small scale designs where you don’t need large format promotion. Again, Colour Bond colours are a great base for this and we can organise this for you!


The most common of large format shipping container advertising, using banner mesh or PVC Vinyl over entire container sides, or doors (or both!) is an effective way to maximise impact and exposure. They can be fixed in a few ways, however the most common of this is either welded & eyeleted or a rope track installation, also known as Sail track or Keder track.

Welded & Eyeleted Edges   Sail Track Keder Edge

A welded and eyeleted edge is great for DIYers – as you can use ropes threaded through these to fix the signage to the container where needed. A Keder tracking however does have a cleaner finish, as even though the edges are welded with a rod, this edge is inserted into aluminium track during installation, so that all that you can see on the final result is the metal edging.

Sail Track Keder Edging And with the Aluminium Finish

This type of finishing is the absolute strongest available on the market today, and is perfect for high wind areas.

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