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Shipping Container Offices – The Way of the Future?

by Container Traders

Shipping Container Offices – The Way of the Future? Shipping Container Offices – The Way of the Future?

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. The humble shipping container has no reason to be humble anymore. Shipping containers are the way of the future (and, as it turns out, the present). Increasingly, the combination of creative design and innovative transformation is driving shipping container popularity to new heights. Particularly in the momentous co-working, gig-economy, freelance and start-up space, shipping containers are being used to create practical, cost-effective shared work spaces that boast an exciting, modern aesthetic – an aesthetic that perfectly matches the spirit of the entrepreneurs and small businesses working within.

With co-working and shipping container office conversions popping up around the globe, we thought we’d create a list of the crème de le crème. Get inspired, get excited and get designing with the following, brilliant work space conversions.

1. The Village Underground – Lisbon, Portugal

This unique, mixed-use office complex was constructed using 14 recycled shipping containers and has space for up to 60 individuals at any given time. Despite being extremely sustainable and environmentally friendly, the end result is incredibly visually appealing. One container in the complex is reserved exclusively for hourly office rental (for foreigners and business travellers) with the remaining containers offered on a month-to-month basis. We can’t imagine they’ll have trouble finding occupants.

2. Coworx @ The Cargo District – Wilmington, NC

Designed for professionals who thrive in an engaging, community space, Coworx at the Cargo District was created to inspire and impress. This co-working space offers a plethora of leasing plans for varying requirements. Developed using more than 18 repurposed shipping containers, Coworx has a range of options, from permanent, private and customisable spaces to daily room hire or hourly hot-desking – there really is something for everyone.

3. Cramer Offices – Norwood, Boston, MA

Marketing agency, Cramer, re-vamped its workplace in an attempt to both attract more millennials and more efficiently use their oversized office space. The designer of the space, Marie Fitzgerald, said she aimed to create “something that would be visually and experientially impactful on visitors and clients, without sacrificing functionality” – and she did just that! With communal kitchen areas, conference rooms, personal work spaces and meeting areas, the office dynamic was significantly improved.

4. Gold Coast Creative House – Queensland, Australia

A bit closer to home, the Gold Coast Creative House in Queensland is one of Australia’s world-class co-working spaces. A multitude of studio and office spaces, common areas and meeting rooms comprise two generous levels of creative work space. Designed to promote collaboration, the available spaces are perfect for creative businesses and innovators looking for an inspiring and efficient place to grow.

5. Kohlman – Ceplewo, Poland

Designed to mimic the shipping container yards it’s located near, Kohlman’s Poland office consists of stacked shipping containers that create stunning office and storage spaces within a larger structure. Taking inspiration from the humble steel box, this conversion boasts the very best of industrial office aesthetics, while remaining highly functional, sustainable and cost-effective. This space is a testament to the usefulness and practicality offered by shipping container conversions.

Create Your Own with Container Traders

If, like the rest of us, you now want to create your very own dream office space, Container Traders can certainly help. We’ve got a huge amount of experience modifying shipping containers for a massive range of purposes. With a generous list of available modifications, and custom modifications on request, Container Traders can achieve anything. Get in touch with our friendly team today to find out how we can help you create your dream space, easily, efficiently and on-budget. Call now!

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