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Shipping Container Offices – the complete workspace

by Container Traders

Shipping Container Offices – the complete workspace Shipping Container Offices – the complete workspace

Shipping containers revolutionised the world of shipping after being invented, and these great assets that modernised the shipping world are now going to take the business world by storm. Their most redeeming features – strength, mobility, the ability to stack and their inexpensiveness means they are the perfect bones to begin an office modification, whether it be for a singular or multi use office. Because containers are made to stand up and stay strong during their first trip over the seas, they bring the strongest pre-made structure from which to begin any modification – and the fact that they can move so easily and stack if need means they are the perfect opportunity for an emerging business, to change with the business as it grows and moves.

Using traditional materials, building an office could be quite difficult, time consuming and costly. By using a shipping container you only need to add to the structure, which can be easily done, even remotely. There are a variety of modification options that tend to go in most shipping container offices, such as:

  • Insulation – For regulating the temperatures inside the container but also providing acoustic insulation on worksites.
  • Electrical fit outs – Especially important in an office that needs office equipment to run; electrical setup can include phone and internet line setup, generators, lighting setups, and power points.
  • Air-conditioning or Heating – Maintaining the temperature no matter the weather is quite important to make sure anyone who needs to work in the office for an 8 hour
  • Extra doors – personal access doors or glass sliding door, any extra door means an extra way to enter the container for staff and/or customers.
  • Windows – Extra light is crucial in a shipping container where you could be spending 8 or more hours, and there is a large assortment of window options to choose from such as fly screens, steel shutters and lockable sliding windows.
  • Kitchenette – With or without a sink, a wet area with lockable cupboards and drawers are an especially good idea when your worksite is not near any food areas.

One of the main benefits of modifying a shipping container is not only how cheap it can be, but just how it can be planned out to suit exactly what you need in you office. If you need only a 20ft container space for one person, or a waiting room included in your 40ft build, you can do anything with the right planning and accessories. Contact Container Traders on 1300 79 79 80 and we can get your container ready for modification today!

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