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Shipping Container Kitchenettes: A Complete Guide

by Container Traders

Shipping Container Kitchenettes: A Complete Guide Shipping Container Kitchenettes: A Complete Guide

If you need a shipping container for work, on a site or at home, chances are you may need a kitchenette included. A kitchenette can easily transform a container into a functional space - however the trick is compacting the kitchen itself to be functional without taking up too much area  inside. Not only will this increase the value of your container, but a kitchenette can very in install and price - depending on what you actually need to include. Commonly a kitchenette is created by only installing sinks and countertops, however by connecting these to plumbing and laying down the correct flooring, you can quickly have an excellent kitchen area. With the great variety of accessories available, both in style, colour and size, you can create a space that is usable, but also aesthetically pleasing - and will suit any sort of function, whether it be a work office, onsite business, living area or accomodation or home business - the list is endless.


And how do you actually create the kitchen? Glad you asked. You can attempt to do these next steps by yourself if you’re a keen DIY-er, however remember that Container Traders also have a specialised team, who are happy to organise your modifications - just call 1300 89 89 70. Please always keep in mind that electrical work should be completed by a professional - and often plumbing should be too, or at least checked by a professional to ensure you don’t end up with an exorbitant bill from any leaking pipes!


Plumbing - Plumbing needs to be installed for proper water supply and drainage. There are health and safety regulations to adhere to, so remember to check over these before signing off on completed work.

Electricity - Not always necessary, electrical fit outs do help with both lighting and any appliances you may want in the kitchen.

Flooring - Not only will the flooring be an added plus to the aesthetic value of the kitchenette, it can be easier to maintain, and will be safer in some cases, as a shipping container steel flooring may become slippery or uneven over time.

Countertops - Depending on how much space on the container interior you have to play with, you may only go for a small countertop taken up by the sink, or you can have space saving islands installed that pack up under themselves and only come out when needed.

Sinks - A must have for any kitchen, sinks come in a variety of sizes - and need to be connected to plumbing systems without leakages.

Storage - Storage is handy for any part of a shipping container, and a kitchenette is no different. To keep from extra clutter and hazards, storage, if not only one cupboard, is usually necessary. 

Appliances - For small kitchen appliances, like kettles, convection ovens or microwaves, you will need power points, but depending on your kitchenettes use you may also need an oven or stove built in.

Air-conditioning & Ventilation - If your container will have an oven or stove, you may need to maintain cold air via an air-conditioner; or you could also just use ventilation, like whirlybirds - or even fly screens over windows to let breezes in, and keep out insects.

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Don’t forget, if you have any further questions on designing, installing or help with a shipping container kitchenette, the Container Trader team is always available on 1300 89 89 70!

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