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Shipping Container Conversion Triumphs

by Container Traders

shipping container conversion modification library indonesia Shipping Container Conversion Triumphs

5 of the Most Interesting Shipping Container Conversions

Shipping containers are becoming more and more popular for the enormous amount of versatility and flexibility they offer. For this reason, many innovative individuals and organisations are choosing to convert shipping containers for a variety of alternate uses. We’ve compiled a list of 5 of the most innovative and, in some cases, strange shipping container conversions around the world. Shocked? Inspired? Want to convert your own shipping container? Then get in touch with one of our friendly team to discuss your options and get more information! We’re always happy to help.

1. Library and Educational Space:

In Batu, Indoensia, a colourful and creative education centre has become iconic in an otherwise rural region. This impressive and innovative shipping container conversion project was constructed using eight, multi-coloured shipping containers that tower above the ground on tall stilts. Using different container colours for different library genres, lobby spaces and reading areas, the space was a cost effective and environmentally friendly solution that is now acting as a catalyst for a transition from rural to urban living in the town of Batu. ‘dpavillion architects,’ the designers, say that the children who visit the library and benefit from its contents will get a glimpse of “the very world the containers have travelled”. If you like what you see, or have big plans for shipping container conversions, give us a call – we’ll guarantee that your imagination becomes reality.

shipping container conversion modification library indonesia

2. Sauna:

Have you experienced a Canadian winter? No? Well, neither have we, but this innovative conversion would certainly help get you through the colder months. Canadian architecture firm Castor Design were responsible for the creation of the first transportable, lockable and efficient sauna boxes – and they were all made from shipping containers. Now, these sauna boxes are produced globally, so nobody has to miss out. Starting with an 8ft or 10ft container, stoves and solar panels are installed to make a fully functioning sauna space. Speakers and lights are also added for enhanced entertainment value and suddenly, you have the perfect escape from a brisk winter season. Are you tempted? Get in touch with a member of the Container Traders team today. We’re always on hand to give you more information and answer any questions you might have about converting a shipping container – including competitive pricing and modification options.

COnverted shipping container sauna modification

3. Recording Studio:

Whether you’re an established artist, a budding musician or a budding musician’s irritated family member, a private, spacious, practical and high quality recording or practice space is exactly what you need. And they’re fairly popular, too! Shipping container studios are easily transportable, budget friendly and they save valuable space in your home. Once fitted with adequate acoustic technology, shipping containers are private, soundproof and completely secure - so drum sets, guitars and recording equipment will always be safe from the weather (and criminals). The internal configuration can be totally customised to your needs, too! Whether you need separate recording and writing spaces, or just one large practice area, is totally up to you. If this sounds like the solution to your problems then get in touch with our knowledgeable team today! We’ll give you more information and price guides so you can follow your passion and create music that everyone (even your neighbours) will enjoy. 

Recording studio music shipping container conversion modification

4. Retail Stores:

For years, shipping containers have been used to transport the goods of market leading companies across the world. In what can only be described as a full circle transformation, these humble steel boxes are now being used by the same companies as pop-up, and sometimes even permanent, retail spaces. Not only are shipping containers an eco-friendly retail solution, with minimal construction waste and an incredibly long usable life, they offer an innovative and breathtaking experience that is bound to set a business apart from its competition and leave a brand fresh in their customers’ memory. Take Starbucks Taiwan’s new store. Made from 29 repurposed, highly modified shipping containers, this space has gained an enormous amount of media traction. If you own a business and are looking for a unique and memorable way to promote or sell your products then look no further. Get in touch with the team at Container Traders today!

Starbucks taiwan shipping container store retail space conversion

5. Off-the-grid Box:

Although not for everyone, off-the-grid living is becoming increasingly popular among activists and those with an extreme social conscience. So what exactly is an ‘off-the-grid box’? They’re completely self-sustained units that, as the name suggests, are totally off the grid – meaning no electrical or plumbing connections. Beneficial for nominal personal use, disaster relief and eco-friendly living, these off the grid boxes are modified to include provisions such as; water tanks and purification systems; solar panels and converters; and internal fitout for comfort and practicality. They’re not for everyone but if an off-the-grid box is something you need (or something you now want), then get in touch with the team at Container Traders. We’re more than happy to help organise container selection and modification choices. Give us a call!

Off the grid shipping container home conversion

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