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Shipping Container Advertising: Taking your business one step further

by Container Traders

Shipping Container Advertising: Taking your business one step further Shipping Container Advertising: Taking your business one step further

If you’ve been wondering where your next marketing campaign could be going, consider large format advertising. Shipping containers lend themselves to the very type of ads that can transform our landscape – with the added advantage of storage included. Traditionally only used in remote places, showing only localised companies or products, large scale adverts are fast becoming the go-to for high impact, guaranteed audience marketing by all different sized and types of businesses.

There are many reasons for this – but one of the main reasons is that large format advertising, like on the side of a shipping container is a great way to reach a large number of people – where they work and live, travel past or socialise. Although other formats are effective, like TV or Radio, and have a broader range of potential reach, this is compounded by how easily they can (and are) turned off by the audience. With a big design, whether you want to or not, you will notice it – and with a memorable ad or design, remember it.

Not only this but advertising via a shipping container can often be a more cost effective option – depending on your usage and need, you could buy or hire a container if needed for the short or long term, just remember to check the terms and conditions if you do plan on hiring – as you most likely will be restricted on the type of advertising you can apply to the container. For instance, draping or printed fence mesh could potentially be used on a hire container, however painting or graffiti wouldn’t be allowed. And as an added bonus, potential customers and the general audience don’t have to purchase anything to view or come into contact with your ad, like they would have to a magazine.

The sheer size of shipping containers means that the advertising you employ has the potential to leave the most influential and striking impression on your audience. Combined with an innovative design or content, most people will retain the information for much longer. Want to know more about the types of signage that you can put onto a container? Check out our previous post on that here to see which will suit your needs, or call us today on 1300 89 89 70!

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