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Shipping Container Accommodation Part 2 – Accessories

by Container Traders

Shipping Container Accommodation Part 2 – Accessories Shipping Container Accommodation Part 2 – Accessories

Last week, we started looking into shipping container accomodation, and why it’s becoming more and more commonplace to use a shipping container as the base for creating your own space. After you’ve answered the questions of; what purpose the accommodation will be used for, where location the accommodation will be and what your budget is, you should then be able to move onto the next step: making the accommodation suit your needs.

There are generally a few reasons that people will pick a shipping container to start their accomodation dreams – the ability to easily ship the container anywhere it needs to go, the relative inexpensiveness compared to traditional building, and the great modifications and accessories that are readily available. It is these modifications that create the type of accomodation you’re after, and from basic to elaborate, Container Traders have you covered.

Basic styles

Whether it’s for residential or commercial, from a backyard to those setting up mining camps in isolated areas, Container Traders are able to ship a container all over Australia without an issue. One of the benefits that the mining or construction sectors already see is the fantastic idea of modifying the containers offsite, and then simply delivering the containers. With minimal setup, huge amounts of shipping containers can be delivered and an extensive accommodation area for workers can be established in a very short time.


These ‘basic’ sort of containers tend to include:

– Full electrical fit outs
– Airconditioning & Heating
– Ventilation
– Shelving for Cupboards & Desk Areas

And while they might not seem enough for some, they are predominately used in shorter periods by employees while working away from home, so only basic amenities are required. Sometimes a wet area can be included – but mostly they would be found in a separate area to keep the setup time and costs nominal.

The more elaborate styles

When you’re working on picking which accessories to include in your container, budget, time, need and size all factor in. You want to stay within your set budget – so it is recommended that you make a couple of lists – a ‘want’ list and a ‘need’ list. The need list will generally be, (for residential customers), the basic options mentioned above plus the possibility of wet areas like a bathroom, kitchen and laundry. But this will also be aligned with your need – will your container be near bathroom or laundry facilities? Are they completely necessary? This answer will tell you if you put these items on your want or need list. The time the container is required in may also play a part – although modifications can be done quickly, if you need a container immediately then a basic style may need to suit you – but this can also change depending on stock levels. The best way to find this out is to ring your friendly shipping container specialist on 1300 89 89 70!

Container accomodation modification

Size is also a main player in picking modifications – as a standard container (like a 20’) will simply not fit as much inside as a larger container (like a 40’). A 40’ container is generally more ideal for residential accomodation, simply so you can have standard creature comforts included, like:

– Full Electrical Fit Out
– Plumbing for bathrooms or kitchens
– Flooring
– Walls & Painting
– Partitions
– Insulation
– Air Conditioning & Heating
– Windows
– Personal Access Doors
– Custom Shelving and storage
– Lockboxes
– And if you’re potentially looking at joining containers together, or stacking them to create larger or unique spaces, you can look into staircases (both internal and external), substitute walls with glass, traditional doors or walls removed entirely.


The sky is the limit when creating your perfect space! Just use this article as a starting off point and jump into the world of shipping container accommodation and modification – with the help of the Container Traders on 1300 89 89 70.

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